de? Come and accompany me quickly.” I’m drinking.”

de? Come and accompany me quickly.” I’m drinking.”
“I met a friend, you and Xiaoyu eat first, you don’t have to wait for me.”
“I have nothing to say to this little pervert.”
Then Lei Yu’s faint and sarcastic voice came: “Yes, with you It’s weird that you have such an IQ that you can talk to me!”
Zhu Zixuan said, “I’m so angry!” She rushed out, grabbed Wen Liang and pulled him back: “Come on, come on, that’s all. If you can control that kid, help me get revenge!”
Wen Liang smiled bitterly and said: “Zixuan, I have friends here!”
/Zhu Zixuan didn’t notice that Wen Liang, who had been calling her Miss Zhu, suddenly changed his name at this moment. Finished. But such a title is so natural, not to mention Wan Siwei and Luo Qingsong, not even Zhu Zixuan noticed anything strange about it.
Zhu Zixuan seemed to have just seen the two people at the door. Wan Siwei was ignored by her, her eyes flicked back and forth on Luo Qingsong, her pretty eyebrows wrinkled slightly, pointed at him and said: “You are that one, what is your name?” Are you coming?”
A warm smile appeared on Luo Qingsong’s mouth that Wan Siwei had never seen before. Perhaps even he didn’t notice that from the moment Zhu Zixuan came out, his body that had always been as tall as a green pine involuntarily bent forward. After a few inches, only his tone remained somewhat calm, and he said: “Hello, Miss Zhu, my name is Luo Qingsong, and I have been to your home with Minister Song.”
Zhu Zixuan suddenly realized, and said: “Yes, I still remember you, then I seem to have made some suggestions this time. I heard my dad praised you in front of Uncle Song.” This
sentence, which seemed normal to many people, made Luo Qingsong’s heart beat violently and blood oozed from his palms. Sweating a little, his suppressed tone finally became more ups and downs, and he said: “If you don’t dare to take it, it’s all because of Minister Song’s good leadership. I just contributed a little bit based on Minister Song’s far-sightedness. It’s true.” I don’t deserve Premier Zhu’s praise.”
Premier Zhu?
Wan Siwei on the side was stunned for an instant. Fortunately, he had been standing respectfully and could not attract everyone’s attention, otherwise he would not be able to hide it just now.
Zhu Zixuan was born in a family of officials, but he didn’t have any sense of government or scheming. Listening to Luo Qingsong’s words was boring. As soon as he opened his mouth, he heard the same official talk that he had heard all day long. He felt so bored that he stopped paying attention to him at the moment and pulled Wen Ling’s hand. He shook his hand and said, half coquettishly and half threatening: “Let’s go and drink, otherwise I will throw a thunderstorm at your place tonight and annoy you to death!” ”
I came with you, of course I have to go with you. Zhu Zixuan, you have to sleep with me tonight!”
The thunderstorm slowly came out, and Zhu Zixuan was swept by his eyes, and her whole body felt a bit chilly, especially when she thought of this little pervert who w