chao said goodbye and went back to report to Jiang Lei, while Wen Liang returned to the Golden Dragon Hotel with Qu Donghai and Qu Rong.

chao said goodbye and went back to report to Jiang Lei, while Wen Liang returned to the Golden Dragon Hotel with Qu Donghai and Qu Rong.
It’s funny to say that tonight he came to Qu Donghai for another matter!
When they arrived at the hotel, You Juan was waiting downstairs. In front of her father-in-law, this beautiful young woman still didn’t change her aggressive nature. If Wen Liang hadn’t smiled and raised her hand to block it, she would have grabbed her arm and leaned against her. Come on.
“How’s it going? You’re not offended, right?”
You Juan was straightforward and enthusiastic, expressing her concern in a way that even a shameless person like Wen Liang couldn’t handle, and she looked at Qu Donghai for help. Qu Donghai coughed, but before he spoke, You Juan said softly: “Dad, tonight is all because of me. That Liu Jiang deliberately came to cause trouble. If Mr. Wen hadn’t helped, my wife would have been bullied to death!”
/Qu Donghai obviously had nothing to do with his daughter-in-law. Hearing this, he could only smile and said: “Then I’ll give Mr. Wen a few glasses of wine later to express my gratitude!”
“Well, that’s for sure. “Yes! Mr. Wen, please come over here. I asked the kitchen to carefully prepare a large table of wine and food.”
The four of them changed to a private room with more privacy. During the dinner, they drank wine and drank among themselves. They only chatted about family matters, but the guests and hosts enjoyed themselves. After drinking for three rounds and feeling warm, Wen Liang asked in a low voice: “Mr. Qu, have you recovered the money?”
Qu Donghai nodded and said, “You promised that the loan could be borrowed for up to three months. I To be on the safe side, the contract was finalized within two months, and the principal plus interest was fully paid five days ago!”
Qu Rong was confused when he heard this, but he also knew that this was a private business between Wen Liang and his father. He was not qualified to ask, but You Juan was not as sensible as him. While pouring Wen Liang wine, he asked curiously: “What money?” , and interest, are you a loan shark?”
Since Wen Liang mentioned it in front of them, he naturally had no intention of hiding it and said with a smile: “Sister-in-law, what you said is so unpleasant. Even if a private enterprise has connections in the bank, it has to get a loan if it wants to If you keep talking for several months, encounter an emergency, or have problems with capital turnover, a penny will stump a hero and make you want to hang yourself. Therefore, through short-term lending to companies with abundant funds, you can follow the loan Usury is two different things.”
You Juan works at China Merchants Bureau and deals with all kinds of companies. She stopped the wine bottle in her hand and frowned: “Isn’t this illegal?” The
“Contract Law” and its judicial interpretation are clear Explain that unless there is a violation of national business restrictions, franchises, and laws and administrative regulations prohibiting business opera