kes a deal with us or not, we have no choice. The Eastern Blue Dragon Pagoda in Cangyue Mountain has a very strong and powerful barrier. With our strength, There’s no way to attack it.” As Sun Lie explained, the group finally arrived at the belly of Cang Yue Mountain, where a rather large stone tower building stood against the strength of Cang Yue Mountain.

It’s not a very luxurious style, but if you get closer, the simple charm is already there.
Chapter 535 Qinglong Topographic Map, open a copy
Even though they knew it was impossible, everyone still couldn’t help but admire the builder’s uncanny workmanship when looking at the huge tower built against the mountain.
“This has exceeded the limit of human construction level. It should be the product of divine power. Is Gaia’s final move to resist the eternal law of heaven stored here!?” Zhu Peng took a few steps closer and stroked the huge The movement of the tower was not hindered by anything, and the texture of the giant tower also showed a difference from the normal stone tower, full of a wooden texture, as if the entire giant tower was made of stone-like wood. It is in general shape, the whole body is complete, and it is overflowing with a strange freshness and vitality.
The next moment, Zhu Peng’s palm exerted force, and a slight amount of true energy was activated. The next moment, a light cyan light suddenly penetrated around the giant tower that had no defensive reaction at all. It seemed soft, but the palm touched by Zhu Peng But he endured a terrifying reaction force. If he hadn’t been a strong man who was accomplished in body refining and had deep Qi veins, just this one blow would have been enough for a slightly ordinary Qi refining monk to lose an arm.
“This feeling is silent but unstoppable. Is this the Yimu Divine Thunder?” While Zhu Peng was making a careful assessment with his faint words, the entire huge Eastern Qinglong Tower was already covered with a layer of light cyan light. At the same time, a streak of light came out. The mighty but powerful thoughts turned into sounds and reached the ears of everyone present.
“You have not yet been tested and are not qualified to accept the power of thunder. The Green Dragon Tower is still closed. Retreat, retreat, retreat.” It was not a word that he read three times in a row, but the last “retreat” force. Ruo Shen Lei makes people feel a buzzing echo in their ears after listening to it, full of a strange tension.
/Under this kind of majesty, Zhu Peng and the other two heads of the True Spirit Ancient Clan were fine. The Jade Bee Sect Master and the monks who followed her could not bear it and took a few steps back almost instinctively. It took a moment for them to react. Looking at the three people standing there, they all blushed. They quickly took two steps forward and stood in their original position. This is the essential gap between cultivation and comprehensive strength. Normally, It can be seen that once something happens, it will be more obvious and clear.
Ao Hong glanced at the two people wit