finitely not wrong in my calculations, there are dark clouds on Commander Zhu’s cheeks and forehead, this is the omen of a terrible disaster that threatens life and death.”

“Who is this, and where does the danger and murderous intent come from?”
Just when Li Yi was sweating on his forehead and making hard calculations, the Zhu family’s iron beast Zhu Tiejai was wreaking havoc on the battlefield. Wherever there was a big battle or a tough battle, he would appear wherever there was a strong man or a master. There he faced the attack.
In one day, he saved no less than ten tribesmen on the battlefield, and in one day, he faced no less than dozens of defeated and defeated opponents on the battlefield.
He is the strongest horizontal training master of the entire Blood Soul clan. He is the most powerful shield that the entire Blood Soul clan deserves. In the eyes of many fellow monks, he is even the absolute God of War of the entire Blood Soul clan. He is invincible in all battles. Attack and defeat everything.
The Zhu family’s iron beast, Zhu Tiejai, is a well-deserved absolute hero of the Blood Soul Clan in the Blood Soul Ridge.
However, he didn’t know that a fierce murderous attack on him was coming with the arrival of the Seven Red Shadow Swords.
The whistling and waving iron sand moves and flies like a dragon and a whip. Under Zhu Peng’s true thoughts, the huge amount of iron sand either transforms into a shape or roars to kill. The agility is like being given fresh life. The flow of power is unpredictable.
/Zhu Peng carried the inferior spiritual weapon “Shura Gourd” that had been initially refined on his back and familiarized himself with the physical properties of the spiritual weapon in the empty smelting workshop. In fact, this was not necessary. He had fought so many battles with this Shura Gourd. Over the years, he has killed many powerful enemies. The various functions of this Shura gourd are like arms in his hands, as flexible as his own palms.
It’s just that the Shura Gourd of that period had been refined to the level of a top-grade spiritual weapon due to long-term sacrifices and the cultivation of a large amount of flesh and blood life. Unlike at this time, it was a low-level defective that even the internal spiritual formation was almost exhausted. Taste.
But for Zhu Peng, it was enough. As mentioned earlier, Zhu Peng’s biggest gain from the trip to the No. 2 Family Warehouse was the top-grade spiritual pill White Tiger Pill Tribulation. But in fact, Zhu Peng really made Zhu Peng fight Shura during the White Tiger Pill Tribulation. Given the choice between gourds, he would still choose Shura gourds without hesitation.
The reason is very simple, just because he has used this treasure for too long, and the human treasure is in perfect harmony. With this treasure in hand, Zhu Peng’s combat strength can be nearly doubled. Such an effect is far from ordinary. All spiritual weapons and elixirs are substituted. What’s more, the Shura Gourd has special properties and an excellent foundation. If it is h