ly pursue the thin edge between life and death that resembles the edge of a sword?

The Eight Thousand Sword Cultivators pierced the Buddhist Kingdom with unparalleled prowess. Their swords covered all the fields and killed all those who disobeyed. They advanced eight thousand miles per day and destroyed ten cities in ten battles. But behind such an astonishing record, Zhu Peng has completely forged a deep hatred with Buddhism.
“Why, when did you Zhu Peng become so stupid? Don’t you see that Zhang Sanfeng is using you as a spearman?” Zhu Sansan was almost yelling at Zhu Peng in the camp. It’s just that the person being yelled at waved his hands indifferently, as if he didn’t care.
“Know how, so what if you don’t know. How about being smart, so what about being stupid? Can a smart person who knows everything get rid of Zhang Sanfeng’s grasp and avoid the cause and effect between sword cultivator and Buddhism? I practice “Qi Hai Boundless Innate Skill” in To a certain extent, he is also a descendant of ancient orthodox Taoism and a disciple of Wang Chongyang. Zhang Sanfeng will never trick me for no reason, but if I don’t know how to praise him, everything will be uncertain.” At this point, Zhu Peng was inexplicable. After a pause, he added silently in his heart: “What’s more, my eyes have allowed me to see some possibilities in the future. The Sword Fighting Buddha Kingdom is in danger, but it is the only possibility among all possibilities that I can see her again.” ‘Opportunity.”
While Zhu Peng was thinking about it, while Zhu Sansan was angry and resentful. A low and gentle chant of “Amitabha Buddha” flowed through the hearts of the two of them like running water, cleaning away many “impurities”, leaving only a sense of peace and joy in their hearts.
Fortunately, not to mention Zhu Peng, even Zhu Sansan is not an easy character to offend. She only reacted after being obsessed for a moment, but the vigorous Buddha power aura was already oppressing her from all directions.
Chapter 861: The sky is high for flying birds, and the sea is wide for flying fish (End)
“Uh-huh, this kind of pressure seems to be crushing even the bones. Daizenji really spent a lot of money to kill me.”
In the core camp of the Bu Army fifty miles away, Zhu Peng spread out his own momentum to resist the mountainous momentum coming from all sides. Six volleys of thoughts that were flying like flying to the top of a mountain crashed into Zhu Peng’s aura field, although each one was not as good as Zhu Peng’s. Half or even a third of it was strong, but the six mental auras pressed at the same time, but they still turned virtual into reality, crushing Zhu Peng’s muscles and bones, and all the bones in his body made “click, click, click” sounds.
/The guards posted on all sides have noticed the abnormality, but Zhu Peng does not expect anything from them. The six monks and Buddhas in the Yuanshen realm of the Great Zen Temple are no longer something that ordinary realm swordsmen can deal with. Zhu Peng single-handedly resisted the spirit of the