hint of cold murderous intent in her eyes. She was originally a great demon from the Earth Star, and was later sealed into the Shura Gourd by Zhu Peng. , because they have been together for many years, they gradually fell in love with Zhu Peng, but in front of Zhu Peng, she was a beautiful lady with black hair and jade skin and a silver skirt. To others in the world, she was still a person who maintained her integrity. The resident demon star who embodies the essence of the great demon.

Seeing that Lehou was so noisy and annoying, Bai Ling’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, and the beastly and ferocious eyes loomed inside.
Her originally pure black long straight hair gradually turned a little red. The black and white yin and yang balls were getting closer and closer. Bai Ling’s right hand gradually moved closer to her back, and there were many bright red claws that were almost solid. She didn’t want Zhu Peng to see her animalized part. Even though she knew that Zhu Peng had always had very strong tastes, she still didn’t like her animalized state to be seen unnecessarily by Zhu Peng.
At this moment, sword light was flying faintly from the horizon. It was obvious that Blood Soul and Huashan Sword Cultivators began to come here to help after solving the Songshan Sword Cultivator. Whether it was Blood Soul or Huashan, Zhu Peng was Can’t die.
/Once Zhu Peng dies, everything will be in vain. No matter how many enemies are killed, the loss cannot be made up. Once Zhu Peng dies, the Blood Soul Pavilion will collapse in an instant, and its power will plummet. Although there is Zhu Yun who is also in the Soaring Realm to support him. , but anyone with a discerning eye can see that, regardless of personal cultivation or management ability, although Zhu Yun is excellent, there is still a considerable gap compared to Zhu Peng.
Moreover, as soon as Zhu Peng died, the merger of Blood Soul and Huashan Sword Sect was immediately shelved. The consequences would probably be more serious than the death of three thousand Blood Soul disciples. The death of three thousand Blood Soul disciples, as long as Zhu Peng is still there, Huashan Sword Sect The relationship between the sect and the Blood Soul Pavilion to help each other and exchange materials is not broken, and what if the three thousand disciples of the Blood Soul Pavilion worshiped the Huashan Sword Sect as soon as Zhu Peng died?
The Blood Soul Pavilion’s vigilance and resistance to the leader of Huashanyue may be unprecedentedly high, exceeding that of Zuo Lengchan.
The people leading the two teams knew all these things, so at this moment, driving their subordinates to rush to the rescue was a sincere and wholehearted rescue.
Looking at the flickering sword light flying closer and closer on the horizon, Zhu Peng sighed softly. He suddenly blocked the bloody claw that Bai Ling was about to grab. The disciples of Blood Soul Pavilion didn’t matter, but in front of the disciples of Huashan Sword Sect , Chi Guoguo’s use of the evil magic that was condensed from countless blo