d to do the dangerous bait work. It stared at the Taiyuan Demon Spirit, as if it were looking at a Dead thing huh? Why does this Taiyuan demon spirit look so familiar?

The old horse roared.
Wang Meng turned his head, “You said this is the first time we failed to catch the Taiyuan demon spirit?”
Lao Ma nodded.
I bet the Taiyuan demon spirit came to settle in Yima Mountain because it was a sin of Wang Zhenren’s race. This kind of monster actually has spiritual intelligence, and it is most likely that it was frightened by the soul.
Fatty Bai roared wildly and exploded. At this moment, the fifth level of the Mysterious Wheel that had not been broken through for a long time began to loosen. At this critical moment of life and death, he got the opportunity to break through!
However, even at the sixth level of the Mysterious Wheel, he cannot be an opponent of a third-level demon spirit. But if he hangs around for a while, he will be even more guaranteed!
The decision to sacrifice oneself for others is not an easy one to make, but Fatty Bai has already risked his life. He is the only one left in the Bai family. He has had enough of all the glares in Wangcheng, and this time he failed again when entering the mountain. Even if he could escape alive, he would not have the shame to stay in Wangcheng. At least, by dying like this, he would have enough face to meet his ancestors underground. He died in battle, not in a woman’s belly. of!
Taiyuan demon spirit is laughing
Fatty Bai felt his eyes blurred. I saw the Taiyuan demon spirit suddenly separate into three shadows, and in an instant, the shadows swelled up. There were three more identical Taiyuan demon spirits!
This change immediately caused the people who rushed out to stand still! Facing a Taiyuan demon spirit, everyone dared to fight to the death. But suddenly there are three more ones. Even if you want to fight, your subconscious instinct will still be to think about running away!
Originally, the desperate and indomitable momentum was the capital for everyone to entangle the Taiyuan Demon Spirit. However, with this avoidance, the momentum was gone, and the united will became a piece of scattered sand.
The demon spirit of Taiyuan made a strange sound of “Jie Jie”, and the three clones that emerged were not illusions. But it is real, but the power is only one turn and one level, and it is paper paste with no momentum.
/But this move has always been invincible, and the current situation is the same.
A scarlet tongue poked out of Taiyuan Demon Spirit’s mouth. It’s harvest time
Fatty Bai was furious. He was the only one who didn’t stop and continued to charge forward!
Taiyuan Demon Spirit was also the first to lock onto him.
Sharp demonic claws poked out from under the abdomen. These were vicious claws that could crack even the hardest skull of the Bone Demon with one scratch.
Fatty Bai knew that he would die if he met her, but he didn’t flinch at all!
roared. Fatty Bai suddenly struck out with one move!
The Bai family’s secret skill –