The Ten Thousand Demons Sect really spends a lot of money.”

Ma Tianer said lightly, Ma Tianer is kind, but not stupid.
“Haha, the little beauty is really talented. No wonder you can join the Queen’s camp. But unfortunately, you are still too young. This life vine formation was also what I expected.”
Gao Gouli smiled and said, “Look at me.”
Ma Tianer’s eyes began to blur. The attack of the flame iron ants was just one of them. Gao Gouli’s initial preparation was for his mind-attacking spell, which was his trump card.
Gao Gouli’s mind-attacking spell is not too powerful, but it is just right for Ma Tian’er, because Ma Tian’er has weaknesses in her heart.
Gao Gouli gradually changed and turned into Wang Meng. Ma Tianer knew that it was an illusion, that it was an illusion, but looking at “Wang Meng”, Ma Tianer was stunned and couldn’t hit her attack. As long as her fire talisman hit it , this low-level illusion will be shattered.
/Gao Gouli smiled, “Haha, it really works, but Senior Sister Ma is very confused about how I know your secret. In fact, the Holy Temple is doomed to fail!”
A cold light flashed, and Ma Tianer received a needle in her chest.
“This is a wood-eating needle. It is very expensive, but it is just right for dealing with Senior Sister Ma. Don’t worry, my beautiful and kind-hearted little beauty, I will let you go comfortably.”
Gao Gouli’s hand moved towards Ma Tian’er, and Ma Tian’er felt her eyes getting more and more blurred.
A cold light flashed, and Gao Gouli stared at his flying right hand in shock.
Two hundred and eighty-eight
Wang Meng hugged Ma Tianer, “Antidote!”
With a scream, Gao Gouli’s pain suddenly disappeared, “You are Wang Meng, how is this possible, Zhuang Ren?”
“Give me the antidote and I will give you a good time, otherwise I will make you unable to live and die!”
Wang Meng stared at Gao Gouli with stern eyes. Gao Gouli gritted his teeth and wanted to run away. In an instant, there were two sword lights.
Gao Gouli’s legs ran forward.
Wang Meng mentioned Gao Gouli and said, “Antidote!”
Gao Gouli smiled miserably, “I didn’t expect that there is still a master like you hidden in the temple. Antidote? I am already disabled. In the Ten Thousand Demons Cult, there are only victory and death, but it is worth having a beautiful woman to accompany you on the road. Haha, by the way, Wang Meng, I want to tell you, she is stronger than me, but just because I turned into you, she stopped taking action and got a shot from me before her eyes. Do you think there are such stupid women in the world? !”
Wang Meng directly twisted off Gao Gouli’s other hand, “Antidote! I will let you live!”
“A way out, haha, even if you let me go, the Ten Thousand Demons Cult can’t let me go, but it’s okay, I’ll be waiting for you below!”
Gao Gouli’s expression turned ferocious, and Wang Meng suddenly pulled his hands
Ma Tianer was lying on the ground, her breathing becoming more and more rapid, and she murmured: “Brother Wang, it’s dangerous, it’s dangerous.”
Wang Meng was stun