Du family. Not to mention enslaving them, the Du family even ate these people. heart.

Du family. Not to mention enslaving them, the Du family even ate these people. heart.
Before Ding Qingyao said anything, Zi Yanduchu spoke up, “Okay, that’s it, it’s settled, one silver dollar per person, no money for those who are injured, Du Jingjing, you go and collect the money, it will be regarded as the rent we collect.”
She actually talked about rent, not resale. She was obviously wary of True Lord Qinglong attacking the Du family.
Scholar Huyan looked a little confused and had to use his spiritual consciousness to secretly contact Gongsun Buqi, “What is the origin of this True Lord Qinglong? I think even you are afraid of him?”
Gongsun Buqi also used his spiritual consciousness to quietly reply, “Qinglong Temple The temple-protecting mythical beast, do you think it is powerful? ”
The temple-protecting mythical beast? ” Scholar Huyan almost trembled when he heard this. He had been in Western Xinjiang for a long time, and the true king had not appeared in his clan for a thousand years. He really didn’t know much about the situation of Qinglong Temple in the East.
In fact, even in the hinterland of the Central Plains, few people knew about the news that there was a sacred beast protecting the temple in Qinglong Temple.
Of course, Scholar Huyan’s understanding of the temple-protecting mythical beasts is quite good. “I’ll go, you mean, this is a real blue dragon from the upper realm?” The green
dragon from the upper realm has a similar status to the Suzaku, and there are other members of the Qinglong clan. He is a junior, but his cultivation level is firmly above that of Zhenjun.
No wonder the faces of the people in Xuannv Palace are so ugly – even after Xuannv Palace came, they were not enough to look at.
Gongsun Buqi’s face was paralyzed, but his consciousness was very active, “It is said that he is the descendant of Qinglong in the upper world. I never see him show up. I didn’t expect him to come out this time. It’s a feast for the eyes.”
“I see you. Is it bad luck?” Scholar Huyan teased him quietly, “I didn’t expect to meet such a true god. I’m afraid the wind-watching envoys in this plane will have to be careful when they see him.”
No one noticed that Li Yongsheng, not far away, The corners of his mouth twitched very slightly, and his brows also raised slightly.
/Wrong, someone still noticed it – Ding Jingzhu noticed his little movement out of the corner of his eye.
Gongsun Buqi was a little annoyed by these words. After a moment of silence, he asked with his spiritual consciousness, “Scholar, do you have the courage to join forces to slay a dragon?”
“Slay a dragon?” Scholar Huyan was startled. Swallowing hard, “Is this suitable?”
He thought he was quite courageous, but at this moment, he really admired the other party’s courage. Liaoxi Gongsun was indeed the top reclusive family in Middle-earth, with a great reputation. There is no such thing as a false scholar.
“It’s not a big deal,” Gongsun Buqi said expressionlessly, “This guy shouldn’t exist in this plane in the firs