le dolls. As if aware of Zhu Peng’s astonishing determination, gentle applause rang out, and the faces of the beautiful people surrounding Zhu Peng who were originally extremely vivid suddenly changed, and the originally gorgeous cheeks suddenly turned into one. A flat ‘blank slate’ with no facial features, which is abrupt and sinister, is simply scarier than the red and pink skull of Buddhism. People who have a slightly weak heart will definitely be ‘sluggish’ for the rest of their lives after seeing it once.

Faced with such a dangerous change, Zhu Peng just closed his eyes and drank a cup of Dongfu fragrant tea that was put into his hand. The fragrance flowed on his lips and teeth for a while, and Zhu Peng only felt that his whole body was clear and refreshing, as if this period All the obscure and hidden creations of time’s frequent battles have been eliminated. “Good cave, good puppets, good spiritual tea, Sui Xin Ju Bao Zhai is indeed worthy of its reputation. It is indeed a big chamber of commerce and a big force that spans all the planes of heaven.”
He was not stingy in giving high praises. Zhu Peng was never stingy with his words and words towards worthy people or things. Following his words, an old man with white hair and a childish face, who was very in line with the world’s perception of the word “god”, Step by step, this old man walked out, leaning on a cane with a dragon head made of exotic wood. Although he looked very old, his actual movement speed was astonishing, as if he was teleporting into an inch. This old man took a few steps. In the meantime, they passed a long distance and came to Zhu Peng.
/“The little old man is the steward of Suixin Treasure Cave Mansion here. I have met the young master here.” After saying this, he gave a courtesy with strict etiquette. Facing the old man’s gift, Zhu Peng signaled that he didn’t need to, but he didn’t really dodge and stop him. In the end, he received the gift with a calm look, as if he didn’t care at all.
The old man saw all this in his eyes, and there seemed to be countless streams of light flickering in his pale gray-black eyes. The next moment, he couldn’t suppress the doubts in his heart and asked: “Young Master is not weak in cultivation, but even more like cultivation.” He has the power of clairvoyance, but the little old man is conceited that the female puppets in the cave have amazing changes, and even ordinary Foundation Establishment monks have a hard time seeing through their true identity. How did you know the true identity of their puppets? Please tell me. Master, please clear up my confusion.”
While speaking, the old man bowed deeply. His posture was extremely sincere. It’s a pity that Zhu Peng accepted the two gifts from him in a grand manner, but seemed to be totally unfaithful and ignored the old man’s questions. Zhu Peng asked straight to the point: “Since the Cave of Gathering Treasures at Your Heart claims to be gathering treasures at your will, how can I come here?” All the treasures inside must be very valuable. Why don’t you tak