n the lone boat suddenly turned around, and the two people’s bodies suddenly stopped in place.

But then, a wave crashed down from their sides.
In silence, the man and woman looked at each other, as if they had made some kind of determination.
As a result, the lone boat that was constantly swaying in the wind and waves approached Lingfu Island again.
In the same place, when Chu Weiyang raised his hand again, the magical sword that was buzzing with aura was already in Chu Weiyang’s hand.
Beside her, Miss Qinghe took a closer look at the magic sword again.
She seemed to be able to glimpse the shape of the spiritual creature inside through the intertwined bright yellow and silver colors of the sword!
It was this glance that made her understand her current identity and the new relationship with Chu Weiyang.
Thinking of this, before Chu Weiyang could actually take action, the moment Miss Qing He threw the compass and offered it up, she intertwined her hands and picked up the lotus seal.
Ju Du was the direct descendant of Yuanmen Grand Sect, so killing someone was not a serious matter in their eyes.
But for no reason, Miss Qinghe suddenly felt that she should do this. At least she had a hunch that Chu Weiyang hoped that she would do this.
In fact, this is nothing more than a certificate of nomination.
Whether Miss Qinghe takes action or not, it actually doesn’t have much impact on the situation. However, in Chu Weiyang’s eyes, through the influence of the spell, a person’s mind can be changed and tamed more and more subtly, which may be more serious than what he is facing. Something more important.
Miss Qinghe was able to change decisively, whether it was her true spirituality or the mysterious manifestation of the talisman, it was enough to teach Chu Weiyang to let go of his guard again.
This thought passed, and the next moment, all the messy thoughts in Chu Weiyang’s mind were cut away.
When he looked again, he saw a young man stepping out from where he was.
He seemed to be flying through the sky against the strong wind!
And with this leap, Chu Weiyang only saw the man with a gloomy expression in his eyes.
In the fierce hunting wind, Chu Weiyang’s figure seemed to be upright and evil. When he looked again, it seemed as if he was piercing straight like a sharp arrow, and it seemed that his body shape was slightly adjusted and changed in the wind.
He didn’t use Yu Bu, but his leap in the air seemed to use the essence of Yu Bu!
The next moment, Chu Weiyang bent his fingers and flicked the sword’s edge lightly.
The real shouting comes from the alchemy cauldron in the stomach pouch and from the chakras of the five internal organs!
I don’t know when, but Chu Weiyang seemed to have passed the time of intense mental and emotional turmoil to kill a person.
After truly embarking on the road to Xuanming Danding, the mental and physical aspects of swordsmanship no longer seemed so important.
/It shouldn’t be said that he was careless, but Chu Weiyang was inevitably indifferent, or in other words, had a detached