o hold up his wings, letting his aptitude move on his own while lying down.

What he could do, he didn’t want to. God didn’t give the bird a way to survive, and he chose to kill it when he was still a child.
Don’t say anything, just show off.
After swallowing a mouthful of immortality, the bird spread its wings and prostrated on the low hill.
Deep in the soul, in an almost lifelike small world, the golden sun shines, and wind and thunder gather.
Feedback to the physical body, the bird demon body lights up the brilliance of the sun, infinite light resides on the earth, and the surrounding stars bloom little by little.
There are also wind and thunder stirring, the wind confines the space, and the thunder involves the thunder clouds, weakening the anger of the sky to the greatest extent.
In addition, there is a mysterious and mysterious realm, where ten thousand paths converge, and this heart unites heaven and earth with sincerity.
Taoist monks call it the unity of heaven and man.
“Brother, I’m one of my own, so I messed around with you.”
When heaven and man came together, the thunder clouds in the sky really restrained themselves, and the Thunder Prison automatically weakened by one level.
Immediately afterwards, under the resonance of the Zhen characters, the thunder light falling from the sky weakened again, and the purple torrent destroyed the heaven and earth, but 90% of it poured into the small world of Yuanshen, was absorbed by the buzzing and trembling Zhen characters, and turned into the original power of heaven and earth.
The sky thunder struck down numbly with flashes of light, and any thunderbolt contained terrifying destructive power. For ordinary monsters, a single touch would cause them to be shattered.
But placed on the Pengniao, these thunderbolts can only explode a hundred meters in diameter on the demon body. Just think about this five thousand foot demon body, a mere hundred meters is nothing.
Lu Bei even turned over and secretly said it was a good idea.
The unity of man and nature is a good thing. In the future, whether he is going through a calamity on his own or helping others to go through a calamity, he can have the above relationship.
This is what cultivating immortality is like!
Mostly to take care of his own people, the Transformation Tribulation that was supposed to destroy everything just went through the motions and stopped after only an hour.
There was no increase in strength during this period. The amount of power at the beginning will be the same at the end.
/Only the last thunderbolt made the movement a little louder.
The smoke is huge and the visual effect is exaggerated.
The thunder dissipated, and the whirlpool one-eye seemed still a little confused. The will of heaven and earth once again looked at the roc bird below and confirmed that it was the unity of heaven and man, and then it disappeared without a trace.
The mountains are in ruins and covered with dust.
/The dark abyss goes straight to the center of the earth, the dark red scorching river releases a punge