tter where it is, there is no escape!

Swish Swish Swish
Between the mountains and fields, there are sharp sword energy fighting for life, and similarly, in the air, Chu Weiyang pokes out a stick, while constantly showing the Celestial Master’s Taoist methods to the elder, all the All the disciples who were living outside were detained and brought back to the mountain gate.
/Especially when the Sumeru Talisman Array was reflected in many very secret underground palaces several times in a row, forcing many talented disciples who were obviously deliberately hidden to cross back to the mountain gate.
Chu Weiyang could clearly feel that Zhu Jiansou, who was imprisoned by Shen Yun, was almost trembling violently.
Chu Weiyang’s move completely destroyed the last remaining fire of the Qianyuan Sword Sect.
/At this moment, Zhu Jiansou seemed to have millions of words to express, and one more explosive emotion to express.
But he was detained there, without any expression, unable to speak a word, and except for the violent vibration of the three elements of essence, energy and spirit, he could not do anything.
He could only watch like this, watching Chu Weiyang’s nine-section bamboo staff no longer fall, watching Song Qingxi’s sword light no longer flying, watching the Qianyuan Sword Sect’s Taoist tradition being completely abolished, leaving only Half of the sect was dismissed as a “waste person”.
It’s over, everything is over.
So, at the same time when all of this was finally concluded, Zhu Jiansou, who seemed to have his three elements of energy, energy and spirit penetrated by the pure rage, was born in the inexplicable mental torture, his heart veins collapsed, his body and mind collapsed. Collapse.
At this time, Chu Weiyang shook the nine-section bamboo stick in his hand and pointed it toward the mountain.
The moment the gray light in the sky disappeared, all the remaining shaky monks who were able to survive were moved out of the Qianyuan Sword Sect’s mountain gate by Chu Weiyang.
Then, as Chu Weiyang crossed the sky step by step towards the Dao Palace, the main peak of the Qianyuan Sword Sect, the Taoist looked outside the mountain gate and looked at the group of cultivators who had escaped from the supreme pressure and could breathe. He looked at Jin Guan and Xie Jiang, who were dressed as husband and wife with lonely expressions in front of Zhu Xiu.
“Go, go and live in this human world, in this golden age that is coming. From now on, the place where you stand, your own physical Tao body, is imprisoning your Tao Dharma foundation, imprisoning The Demon-Suppressing Cave that guides your path!”
After saying that, Chu Weiyang withdrew his gaze and looked around in all directions at the same time.
“Seven days later, Pindao will hold a Dharma meeting at the gate of the old sword sect, preaching all kinds of things outside the world, and preaching all the high and wonderful Dharma!”
“Everyone, a great age is coming! A great age is coming!”
As soon as Chu Weiyang’s words fell, even when the elder Zong b