It is the withered glory of the magical fruit tree. This kind of withered glory itself has not changed with the four seasons of the Taoist temple. This kind of withered glory itself is just a vision. It is the process of the magical fruit tree absorbing all the qi and nourishing it. , a process that flourishes from spring to summer, and then wilts in autumn and winter to contain all the essence.
What is dry and prosperous is the external appearance, but what is actually condensed and condensed is the foundation of Taoism.
/And after such a cycle of prosperity and decline, if you want to have the so-called “next year” and the so-called cycle of prosperity and decline for the second time, you need to fill it with another magical jade fruit to converge and yet continue. Different charms are used to radiate the “natural vitality” in them.
This is the essence of magical powers and refining.
And this suddenly taught Chu Weiyang to understand why the insights he had gained when he was in the realm of Shangqing Yuping had reached the limit of the level of a real person in the divine realm after years of practice and accumulation. Those old monsters who came to the immortal realm of the ancient land, when they showed up in the dojo, the magical fruit trees were all bare and withered.
Obviously, that is not the so-called extinction of vitality, but rather the appearance of the complete accumulation and condensation of all the essence and foundation along with the rotation of magical powers.
Look at it this way, they have indeed reached the end of the field.
Of course, it now seems that Chu Weiyang still has a long way to go in this realm.
If calculated in terms of dryness and prosperity, it can be more carefully divided into the twenty-four solar terms of the four seasons that Chu Weiyang is more familiar with.
Thinking like this, Chu Weiyang felt some extreme emotion for no reason.
It seems that all the Taoism in this world is a cycle of reincarnation. At the end of the past, the “Corpse Dissection and Refining Diagram” revealed the true form of the Five Mountains. Now that it has gone through thousands of sails, it can only reflect the charm of the true form of the Five Mountains. In the dojo.
The Sword of Spring and the Sword of the Four Seasons, practiced in the past when life and death were still in control, have now become the anchor of spiritual practice.
/This moment, that moment.
Just as he was sighing, Chu Weiyang seemed to have some kind of emotion for no reason. However, before Chu Weiyang could continue to sigh, the Taoist suddenly disappeared among the five-color jade flowers. Gone in shape.
The vitality he devoured and refined was already powerful enough in a short period of time.
What really determines the changes in the withering and prosperity of the magical fruit tree is the joint action of all the qi. From this point of view, the most subtle one is actually the aura of heaven and earth in the cave of the dojo.
This is no longer a category that seeks outside help.
That needs to be th