t at the pharmacy looking around in the store. She didn’t buy any cold medicine and walked away quickly.

This Liu Changan! Yan Qingcheng was so angry that she wanted to hit someone. She thought that she, a pure girl who had never had any transgressive contact with the opposite sex except fighting with boys, was actually considered to need to use something like Dacnin?
Yan Qingcheng knows that Liu Changan has always been very hateful, but he is still friendly to her and has no history of provoking or teasing her except that he often drinks a bottle of orange juice when he sees her.
Isn’t he going a little too far today? College girls suffering from gynecological diseases are usually criticized behind their backs and associated with indiscretions in their private lives.
I just stared at the medicine he bought, didn’t I just want him to be more alert and restrained? Is he teasing her like this?
However, Yan Qingcheng suddenly remembered Liu Changan’s last words, which seemed to be a pun.
Could it be that he didn’t actually misunderstand her, but that he was reminding her not to misunderstand him just based on what she saw on the surface?
If she would be misunderstood by him, maybe he would be misunderstood by her? Yan Qingcheng finally understood, and the anger in her chest disappeared.
But if this happens, I always feel that this person is becoming increasingly incomprehensible.
Liu Changan took two boxes of Dacnin and walked to the top of Lushan Mountain.
Qin Yanan did not report her “pregnancy” to the school, because if she took pregnancy leave, it would be best not to go to work. The employer was not willing to bear the pregnancy leave for ten or eight years.
The Dakenin suppositories that Liu Changan bought were prepared for Qin Yanan. Of course Qin Yanan did not have any gynecological diseases, but these suppositories were Liu Changan’s idea of ??a solution to provide nutrition for the gestational sac.
Suppositories refer to solid preparations with a certain shape made of drugs and suitable bases for intraoral administration of drugs in the human body. It is solid at room temperature and can quickly soften and dissolve at body temperature, releasing the drugs contained in it.
It doesn’t necessarily have to be filled with medicines, it can also be filled with other things.
/Liu Changan arrived at Qin Yanan’s suite on the top of the mountain. The person who opened the door was a woman in her early thirties. She was plump and strong, looking capable and agile, but she didn’t have the feeling of being a philistine.
A bit like the leader of the servant girls in the homes of princes and nobles in ancient times. He was senior and strong, able to hold down a group of maids and servants with their own thoughts. He was a person who would show respect to the old lady in the backyard even by the young masters.
“Hello.” Liu Changan nodded.
“Hello, you are here to see Miss Qin. She is in the hot spring room and will be out in a moment.” The woman replied with a smile.
The voice was not that lou