Not to mention the cumbersome papermaking process, it was simply not something he could do with just a little knowledge. The key is that the butt determines the head. If you are in the aristocratic class, you have to consider issues from the standpoint of the aristocratic group.
The birth of paper can reduce the cost of knowledge dissemination and facilitate the dissemination of cultural knowledge, but is this what the aristocratic group needs?
The answer is obviously: no.
/Parchment rolls are expensive to make and are not conducive to the spread of cultural knowledge. But on the other hand, this is also an advantage.
From the perspective of the aristocratic group, knowledge is naturally a monopoly of the family alone. The higher the cost of disseminating cultural knowledge, the more conducive it is to maintaining this monopoly system and the more conducive it is to the rule of aristocratic groups.
As a person with vested interests, he must not do anything that betrays his own class. No matter how important money is, it is not as important as life.
Picking up a volume of General History of the Continent, Hudson immediately read it with great interest. Unfortunately, most of the above content is vague and passing by, and much of it is still hearsay.
There is no way. Although the Koslow family has been passed down for thousands of years, they are still just a small noble and do not have the ability to collect information on the entire continent.
/Hudson feels that the biggest reason why the family has been able to pass it on to this day is because of its ability to have children. Just look at Baron Redman and you will know that the Koslow family has always been talented in sowing.
Thanks to the family’s fine tradition, except for the eldest son who inherited the family business, the other sons went out to work hard with a set of knight equipment and a few attendants when they grew up.
The cruel survival mode can best train people. Although most of the tribesmen fell on the road of struggle, there were still lucky ones who stood out. Either relying on military exploits or relying on noble marriage to obtain the title.
Accumulated from generation to generation, there are not a few small nobles who bear the banner of the Koslow family. They are considered to be the most prosperous families in the empire.
A large number of people does not necessarily mean a strong force, but a large number of people must have a strong ability to survive. Even if a certain branch dies, someone will quickly replace it, and there will be no tragedy like the empire forcibly taking back the fiefdom because there is no heir.
By operating according to this model and slowly permeating along the way, even if no particularly outstanding figures are born, sooner or later the Koslow family will be able to become the top group.
Of course, the prerequisite is that the fertility rate can remain so high. Otherwise, in this world where wars often break out, no one knows whether tomorrow or the accident will come first. A war might wipe