elt intensely uneasy, with chills from head to toe, and goosebumps. He went all out, and took out the royal road scroll in his hand. He originally wanted to attack the mountain gate in front and threaten the junior brothers and the teacher’s descendants in Wujie Mountain. .

Now, he aims at the sky!
In the sky, the big hand is boundless, and the whole picture cannot be seen, but a finger that reaches the sky and the earth squeezes the entire void, and the end cannot be seen at a glance.
Now, it stabbed down so violently, earth-shaking, the wind was mighty, and the Taoist rhyme was turbulent like the ocean, with the meaning of broken eternity.
The invisible pressure and the huge boundless fingers flowing with holy light made the picture scroll in Lu Kun’s hand rattle, and then it burned directly.
The so-called royal road texture turned into a huge fire!
/“Oops, this body is in danger!” Lu Kun growled. This picture was his life-saving straw, but in the end, it couldn’t stop him from making a shocking move. The Royal Dao-level divine picture flew across the sky. It was indeed very strong and quickly enlarged.
However, it glowed with fire, and was full of cracks, and then exploded. Originally, it lay horizontally in the high sky like a sea of ??stars rotating, majestic and boundless.
But in front of this finger, it was fragile, as if it had become ordinary paper. Wherever the huge finger passed, the paper disintegrated and turned into ashes.
“Master, is it you? My disciple is wrong. Please show mercy. I have been with you for four years. Our love is as deep as that of father and son. Don’t kill me.” Lu Kun shouted.
/At the critical moment, he gave up. He was far less fierce and decisive than when he defected from the Five Tribulations Mountain. Now he held the sky with his hands, and he became huge, hoping to block the finger and slow down.
When everyone on the Five Tribulations Mountain saw this scene, they were both shocked and extremely contemptuous of him. This weakling had no moral integrity at all.
At the same time, they were extremely excited. Could it be that the True Sage of Infinite Tribulation was back and couldn’t stand this white-eyed wolf anymore, so he personally cleaned up the house?
There is no problem with the Dharma Symbol Heaven and Earth that Lu Kun casts. It is even more powerful and extraordinary than many top aliens, accompanied by all kinds of wonders.
However, the so-called Dao rhyme that fills the sky is like a sea, it appears like a huge mountain reaching the sky, the immortal Dao lotus is rooted in the void around it, the sky is filled with golden crows and giant rocs spreading their wings, etc., all of them are of no use.
With a bang, his hands holding the sky exploded, his arms were shattered, and his whole body was covered with cracks. The huge pressure forced him to lower his head and kneel on the ground.
“I, Lemo, hate those who bully my master and destroy my ancestors the most in my life. Even if I have been infamous and called an evil spirit, I still have to mind my own bu