ong-legged disaster victim who reorganized his true body more than 10,000 years ago. After entering the ancient pass, he finally died. here.

Another beast-shaped creature with three horns on its head, each of which seemed to correspond to the great road, had the true charm of three lives and all things. It also died tragically.
These two creatures seemed to have old grudges and died together.
It is obvious that even if a being of this level dies, some of its remains will be left behind, and the main ones killed are true spirits.
/The only road, with intertwined textures and tangible traces condensed in this ancient pass, is dazzling and boundless. It is it that is releasing the endless lines of the road.
And those fogs were emitted by five students.
Judging from the shape, they are male and female, old and young, and eventually they all turn into human forms. Their true race cannot be traced.
There was silence in the outside world. When they saw the truth, all the extraordinary people were horrified. There were actually five living creatures, not just one Tao.
Wang Deng could see through hundreds or thousands of eras at a glance, and he stared at the past of this ancient pass.
For a moment, he was in a trance and saw an acquaintance!
In the past, there were a total of 15 powerful beings here, 6 of whom died very early, and their corpses were already lying around the city. There were also 3 more powerful beings who had a premonition about the future and thought it was inappropriate, so they left early. .
One of them is a strong man whose body was cut off and whose long legs showed up in the world. He went to the past time, and finally returned to the modern time, came here again, and died in Guanzhong.
There is another acquaintance of Wang Xuan: Shen. Before she left Guguan, because she wanted to observe the “hope” of enlightenment, she encountered severe backlash, her Taoism plummeted, and she almost died.
/She has been recuperating in the real place for many years, and has befriended the Red Company Disaster Master, the Pioneer Disaster Master and others, but they have no idea of ??her true origins.
Finally, God enters the world.
Another person, who should be the strongest among the 15 people, went to the future and disappeared.
“You have hindered the movement of the extraordinary and extinguished one extraordinary source after another!” Wang Xuan said in a deep voice, looking at the five mysterious creatures.
The old man among the five people said: “We didn’t expect this to happen at the time. We were just using the ancient pass to ‘store water’ and accumulate the materials of creation to help us overcome the pass. Unexpectedly, it deviated from the original intention.”
He is very peaceful, has no murderous intent, has white hair and a childish face, and has an immortal demeanor. Sitting there in the cross-legged position, he is very otherworldly.
The middle-aged man’s face was as sharp as a knife and his words were very strong. He said: “There are wrong moves and wrong moves. If the extraordinary