increasingly high, because this episode is so exciting!

The singers all worked hard!
The showdown between King Lanling and the Samurai is certainly exciting, but everyone’s expectations for this one mainly come from the Samurai’s previous declaration of war against King Lanling. Now that the feud has been resolved, everyone naturally turns their attention to the subsequent games.
The excitement remains the same.
Because the next two people dueling are equally terrifying, one is the singing king robot and the other is the singing queen elf. These two people are the top figures in their respective teams!
The robot sang first.
Different from Qiyu
/Qi language, as the dialect of Qizhou, is close to Mandarin at least, and people who are not from Qi can learn it. For example, Qinzhou singer Sun Yaohuo can sing Qi language songs well, and Pao Yu, who appeared earlier, can also sing Qi language songs well. language.
But Chu language is different!
Chu dialect is too difficult to learn. Except for people from Chuzhou who can understand it, other people sound like it’s just babbling and don’t know what it’s talking about. However, Blue Star’s music appreciation level is still very high, and no one will be dissatisfied just because they don’t understand. , because music and melody are common, and the lyrics of the song carry the creator’s expression of a certain mood or artistic conception. If this kind of thing can be interpreted, then Chuyu will not only not lose points but will gain points, let alone the big screen With lyrics and translation!
The audience at the scene included Qin, Qi, and Chu Yan, so as soon as the robot’s voice sounded, the Chuzhou audience was so excited that some even stood up!
Very enjoyable!
Everyone likes this unexpected feeling so much. The robot’s pure Chu language pronunciation clearly shows that the robot is a singer from Chuzhou. He finally sang in the language he is most familiar with!
White Swan said blankly: “He turns out to be from Chuzhou. It seems that the direction I guessed before was wrong. It’s interesting.”
/Lin Yuan said nothing.
No wonder the robot behaves like a comedian. Chu people have always liked this kind of slightly exaggerated comedy. As for the so-called Chu language that everyone is discussing
It’s Japanese.
Each continent in Blue Star has its own dialect. Qizhou’s dialect is similar to Earth’s Cantonese, while Chuzhou’s dialect is similar to Earth’s Japanese. As for Yanzhou, like Qinzhou, Mandarin is the main language, and its own language is There is not much inheritance, so music based on Yanzhou dialect has not been developed.
Finished the song!
The whole audience cheered!
Next came Elf’s singing, and it turned out that Elf’s singing was not inferior at all. She did not use any special language and still sang in Mandarin, but her unexpected opponent was
No cuteness!
Only Sister Yu!
This description may be a bit strange, but the elf has indeed brought a huge contrast to everyone. She sang with a playful and cu