own: “There must be some kind of connection between the two people.”

Zhang Feng shook his head and said: “I have already investigated and found that there is no intersection between the two people. There is no overlap in their friend circles and no overlap in business dealings. In short, they are just two people who have no relationship at all.”
“Are you sure?” Wei Renwu asked doubtfully.
“I’m very sure. I did a thorough investigation before I came to tell you.”
Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said puzzledly: “This is strange. Is he just a simple perverted killer? Looking for prey without any specific purpose, just to highlight his perverted side?”
Zhang Feng couldn’t answer any of Wei Renwu’s questions. Of course, the only person who could answer these questions might be Wei Renwu himself.
Wei Renwu added: “Then you should have also investigated the circumstances surrounding the last appearance of the deceased before his death.”
Zhang Feng nodded and said: “Well, I did do some research. The last time the deceased was seen was in the company. Because the deceased was an accountant, he needed to calculate the year-end bonuses of the company’s employees before the Chinese New Year, so last night he One person was working overtime, and the employees left after get off work.”
“In this way, the murderer could easily kill the deceased without anyone knowing.” Wei Renwu analyzed.
“It seems so.” Zhang Feng agreed, “Well, Mr. Wei, will you come with me to see the body now?”
Wei Renwu quickly waved his hand and said, “No, I still want to eat.”
/Zhang Feng said anxiously: “But Mr. Wei, check the body on the spot. What if there is anything new discovered?”
“What’s there to see? Both of them died in the same way. Just seeing one dead person is enough.” Wei Renwu sternly refused.
Zhang Feng said helplessly: “Then we have to do something, right?”
Wei Renwu took out a cigarette from the “Lan Jiao” cigarette box on the coffee table, lit it, and said, “Go and investigate the addresses of the two deceased people, and then call me.”
“Didn’t you throw away your phone?” Zhang Feng asked doubtfully.
Wei Renwu took out a new mobile phone from his pajamas pocket and said, “Throw it away, won’t I buy it again?”
Wei Renwu pressed a few buttons on his phone, and then Zhang Feng’s phone rang. Wei Renwu said again: “Save the phone number and go quickly.”
Zhang Feng was ready to leave. Before leaving, Zhang Feng asked: “Mr. Wei, what happens after the investigation is completed?”
Wei Renwu laughed and said, “Isn’t it already the New Year’s Eve? The investigation is over. If you don’t go home to celebrate the New Year with your family, why are you still investigating the case? There is plenty of time to investigate the case.”
Wei Renwu was right. In the past two days, Zhang Feng, Xiao Wei, and Yang Wen’er had been busy with work, and they had indeed become somewhat alienated from their families. The investigation of the case was important, but the case should not be higher than one’s own family members.
Therefore, after Zhan