Chaoyang’s tears finally couldn’t be stopped. He wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes and thanked him: “Although it’s a bit harsh to say this, I still want to say – thank you. It must be that I have accumulated good deeds in my previous life. I only have colleagues like you.”

At this time, everyone suddenly discovered that Fang Ronghua, who was standing aside and had no sense of presence, had not expressed his attitude yet, so everyone collectively stared at Fang Ronghua with longing eyes.
Fang Ronghua still had that cold and stinky face, walked slowly to everyone, suddenly stretched out his right hand and put it in the crowd, and said coldly: “I agree.”
On the way to Longquan Mountain, everyone was relatively speechless in the car. Now they had nothing to communicate with. Everyone was reminiscing about the past. They had to take the time to recall the happy times. If this operation failed, they would There is no chance to recall the past.
They still had two cars, one for Zhang Feng, Wang Chaoyang, and Lin Xingchen, and one for Lei Long, Xiao Wei, and Fang Ronghua.
While driving the police car, Zhang Feng felt that the atmosphere was still a little too silent. He picked up the walkie-talkie and said to Thunder Dragon’s car: “Old Lei, the atmosphere is a bit tense. Let’s sing a song to relax.” Both Feng and Brontosaurus cars have walkie-talkies, and the channels are connected so that the two cars can command each other.
Thunder Dragon laughed and said, “Lao Fang said that he can start the song and everyone can sing along.”
What everyone didn’t expect was that Fang Ronghua, who usually doesn’t talk much, would be so active when it came to singing.
Just listening to the intercom, Fang Ronghua began to sing: “The bell rang as a signal to go home, which seemed to be a bit sad in his life. The meaning of his black skin was a lifetime of dedication, and the struggle for skin color.”
Then two police cars were filled with tragic songs: “Today there is only the remaining body. Welcome the glorious days. Hold on to freedom in the wind and rain. After a life of hesitant struggle, I am confident that I can change the future. Who can do it?”
When they arrived at the back mountain of Longquan, the six people held hands, shoulder to shoulder, and walked toward the abandoned building where the robbers were with smiles on their faces.
The building was not far away. I saw that the building had two floors, and there was a man standing on the top of the building. This man had short “Mohawk” hair, a long scar on his right face, and was wearing jeans. clothes, holding a miniature in his hand.
The six of them walked to the front of the abandoned building. Wang Chaoyang threw a travel bag heavily on the ground and shouted at the man: “I’ve already brought the money you asked for.”
14. The Late Knight
Wang Chaoyang shouted to the top floor: “Where is my daughter?”
/The “Mohawk” man laughed loudly and shouted: “Bring the people out.”
The window on the second floor was originally empty, but now three people appeared o