An Xu breathed out: “Unbridled imagination.”
In the past, adventure stories were all about a group of people, with men and women performing their respective duties, but Xianyu’s sea survival turned out to be a group of animals on a boat, with only one protagonist being human.
“The audience is already hooked.”
Jiang Zhu looked around and then said.
Not only ordinary viewers, but she as a screenwriter was also attracted by this amazing idea. Who is not curious about what will happen on such a lifeboat with a wonderful relationship?
To know
It defies logic to have terrestrial creatures on the ocean. That is, a shipwreck caused all the animals on the ship to escape, and such a strange and magical scene would occur.
And this is entirely the whimsy of the screenwriter!
It’s just that Jiang Zhu and An Xu still can’t figure out why the thirty minutes of preparation in the early part of the movie are so long.
No matter how I looked at it, I thought those thirty minutes were boring.
It doesn’t seem to have much connection with the current scene. It’s just a bloated prefix that can be deleted and simplified into a foreshadowing that can be completed in ten minutes.
at the same time.
It is difficult for the two of them to regard this film as a simple commercial film. Commercial films will not be shot like this!
Ignore the idea for now.
The two people and countless viewers are all curious about the same question, that is, how will the protagonist break the situation next?
On a narrow boat.
Can four animals and one human coexist peacefully?
Not to mention that among these animals there are ferocious hyenas and terrifying tigers hiding in the dark!
The attraction is out.
At this moment, some viewers exclaimed!
On the giant screen.
The hyena couldn’t attack Pi who was hiding in the bow of the boat, but turned around and bit the zebra!
Pi has had a deep relationship with animals since he was a child, and his eyes turned red when he saw this scene, while the orangutan named Orange Juice frantically attacked the hyenas to protect the zebras.
With a cry, the zebra was killed by the hyena.
at the same time.
Hyenas were also beaten unconscious by orangutans.
The hyena only fainted for a few minutes, then woke up and started to bite the orangutan!
The orangutan also died.
The audience was very worried.
This hyena is so cruel!
at this time.
/A tiger roar sounded.
The tiger named Parker rushed out, killed the hyena in one bite, and then turned towards Pi!
/Pai quickly retreated.
The tiger didn’t succeed and roared at him, which made the audience feel terrified!
The pattern of biological coexistence is gone!
Zebras, orangutans and hyenas are all dead!
On the whole ship, only Tiger and the protagonist Pi are left!
The Fantasy Life of Pi only really begins at this moment!
The audience’s eyes widened and they were completely attracted by the plot!
The cruelty of wilderness survival is vividly displayed in front of the audience!
There is no dramatic treatmen