just after drinking a bowl of the so-called Yin Qi thick porridge with barbecued meat, pickles and vegetables, Tuguigong felt that his body had solidified a lot. Although he wanted to fully realize it, he would have to drink at least hundreds of bowls, but this was still possible. It’s a hope.

After hearing Tu Tu Gong’s hesitant words, Wei Xiaobei was a little bit dumbfounded.
When he first wanted to borrow the kitchen, the landlord didn’t believe in his cooking skills at all, but now, he asked for it on his own behalf.
/But no matter what, Wei Xiaobei was extremely happy at the request from the Earth God.
It’s not easy to make this landowner owe a favor.
To be honest, those ten drops of secondary spring of youth water before could not make Tugui Gong pat his chest and promise Wei Xiaobei that he would get whatever he wanted.
In this case, Wei Xiaobei was not polite and asked the landlord to take the iron pot aside and drink slowly, while he asked the kid to get a new iron pot and stood in front of the stove and continued busy.
For Wei Xiaobei, he was willing to be so busy.
Wei Xiaobei dropped an attribute probe as usual and looked at the attributes of this pot of thick porridge.
What surprised Wei Xiaobei was that compared with the previous pot of thick porridge, the effect of this pot of thick porridge had changed.
Previously, the main attribute of induction was temporarily increased by 5 points and the intelligence was 2 points. Now, this pot of thick porridge temporarily increased the main attribute of induction by 3 points and the intelligence by 5 points!
Undoubtedly, the properties of the dish may vary due to slight differences in cooking techniques.
Still a treasure!
This completely confirmed Wei Xiaobei’s assumption.
Of course, perhaps the greater contribution here should be the spiritual rice, pickles and the yin fire in the kitchen.
If there is only barbecue, no matter how you make it, it will still be just high-quality barbecue, and it is unlikely to become a treasure.
During the subsequent cooking of several pots of thick porridge, Wei Xiaobei continued to experiment with the effects of factors such as the heat on the thick porridge.
Although the effects were different changes in temporary attribute growth, Wei Xiaobei felt that he had become more familiar with food such as thick porridge, and it became easier and more comfortable to prepare it.
To be honest, a cooking environment like this is indeed rare.
Even in reality, it would be difficult to find such a thing as Yin Fire.
In this experiment, Wei Xiaobei discovered that Yin Fire naturally has a additive effect on food.
If the yin fire is replaced by ordinary fire, then even if there are spiritual rice and earth pickles, the rich porridge produced will not have a 100% treasure rate!
So after making seven pots of thick porridge for Tu Tu Gong to taste slowly, Wei Xiaobei simply took out the few remaining rare roasted meats and the double Ford tea from the small treasure bag.
He wanted to see what the quality of the thick porridg