le did he know that Lin Buyan was riding in the elevator and wanted to go to several floors.

“Yizhou, I remember it was my cousin’s territory.”
“I have a hawk on her crotch, and theoretically I have jurisdiction over Yizhou.”
“Tsk, there’s another list of people to confiscate your house!”
After watching Jing Ji leave, Lu Bei flew into the sky and returned to Jiuzhu Mountain.
Sanqing Peak.
Halfway up the mountain, the construction site is in full swing. The construction of the Ziwei Camp and the Commander’s Camp are in the final stages. Some of the projects are completed and the furniture can be moved in and they can operate normally.
In the world of cultivating immortals, infrastructure projects are not difficult to do. With Lu Bei laying down the foundation with earth and soil, plus Sijingfeng’s professional construction team, and the players who received the task adding bricks and mortar, half a month’s construction period is enough.
Lu Bei came to the bustling construction site and happened to meet Ding Lei, the contractor. He quickly paid the final payment and handed over another amount of money.
The old rule was to hand over all furniture purchases to Gomei Pai. Lu Bei had no other requirements. Everything should be done as quickly as possible.
Boss Ding was overjoyed after taking the money. What he admired most about Lu Bei was his handsome appearance when he took out the money.
Make money, don’t be afraid of pain!
Talking to the Prime Minister, when the Prime Minister arrived, Lu Bei drew up a new project on the spot, pointed to the unfinished construction site, and asked for expansion.
/What have you been doing for a long time? Why are you saying now that the green plants in the wall courtyard have all been removed from the soil?
Regarding Party A’s outrageous request to demolish the wall and expand the project, Boss Ding immediately widened his eyes. He held the deposit in one hand and clapped his chest with the other. The men of Sijingfeng were not afraid of hardship and ensured that the project would be completed on time.
The expansion of the camp in Lubei has two purposes. First, the top of Sanqing Peak does not occupy a large area, and the sweatshop has nowhere to expand, so it needs to be moved to the middle of the mountain as soon as possible.
Elder She from the inner courtyard complained repeatedly that the players were too noisy, which not only affected her meditation practice, but also delayed her learning of cooking skills.
It made sense, and Lu Bei believed it.
It is a good thing that the Yu Hua Gate is cleaner. The five little foxes such as She Zhang and Hu He are all female fairies with clear water. Without the chattering of the players in the outer courtyard, the alchemy furnace overheats and explodes from time to time, which is convenient for him to enjoy and soothe his eyes.
Summer is coming soon, and it’s time for the goblins to wear cool clothes and fight. This good show has to be enjoyed behind closed doors.
Secondly, the news that Jiuzhushan Novice Village is allocati