Taking advantage of this gap, the ink gun in Wei Xiaobei’s hand naturally did not stop, and stabbed out several times, shockingly piercing the eyes of a snake head! At the same time, it also made a hole for the snake letters it kept spitting out.
This is Wei Xiaobei’s trump card. He’ll shock you for no reason. He doesn’t want to do any harm to you. It just wants to make your body numb in a very short period of time. It’s enough.
For a great master of Chinese martial arts like Wei Xiaobei, a little time is enough to unleash damage that will frighten the enemy!
As for Hydra, I am afraid that I have never experienced such a miserable battle in my life.
The other party is too rogue. If nothing happens, he will shock himself, and every electric shock will put his body in an uncontrollable state of numbness. Even if this numbness only lasts for a short breath at most, it will make himself unbearable. pain of.
To be honest, this is the sad thing about aquatic creatures. The electric current released by Wei Xiaobei seems to be particularly effective on them.
Of course, what is even more tragic for Hydra is that in the past, he could win by spraying poisonous mist, but now, that guy can walk back and forth in the poisonous mist without any problem!
/Well, Hydra didn’t know that the poisonous mist had some effect on Wei Xiaobei and could corrode his skin, but it only corroded his skin. It was too difficult to kill him.
It has been so long, and even Wei Xiaobei’s skin has not been corroded, so how could it be possible to poison Wei Xiaobei to death.
This goes back and forth, you bite me, but if you miss, I shock you and stab you a few more times to let you know what pain is.
Not long after, the Hydra was covered in scars, all nine heads were blind, and the snake’s letter was broken.
At this time, the hydra went crazy, biting its head everywhere and twitching its tail, causing the stone walls in the passage to crack continuously and gravel splashing everywhere in the sea water.
Not to mention, Hydra’s move was somewhat useful, at least Wei Xiaobei was hit with rocks and vomited a few mouthfuls of blood.
But that’s all.
In the end, the struggling Hydra was exhausted, and Wei Xiaobei pierced its heads one by one, completely losing its life.
Putting the Hydra body and the fishing line into the storage ring, Wei Xiaobei felt like he was about to lose his strength.
Even though it didn’t seem like a long time, the battle with Hydra was really strenuous.
You have to fight, you have to discharge, and finally you have to spend all your energy to restore the damaged skin.
But having said that, these three hybrid dragons were really unlucky for eight lifetimes when they met Wei Xiaobei.
After Wei Xiaobei’s fishing skills have become proficient, he will naturally be able to weaken the opponent’s strength to a certain extent after fishing the aquarium. At the same time, his branch ability is firmly established on the Diaoyutai, which can weaken the damage and influence of the aquarium on Wei Xiaobei. The last one i