spective, the strange state of the farmer’s market undoubtedly heralded a danger in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes!

“Huang Kun, don’t get too close.”
Huang Kun was a little curious when he saw the scene at the farmer’s market, so he wanted to go to the gate to have a closer look. Unexpectedly, he was stopped by Wei Xiaobei.
Huang Kun didn’t dare to go against Wei Xiaobei’s words, so he quickly retreated.
/But the BMW man is not good. He has been fine since he entered here, but after escaping from the zombies and doing some strenuous exercise, he is already hungry and his stomach is empty.
Seeing the sausages, bacon, etc. in the farmer’s market, the BMW man naturally couldn’t bear it. He felt hungry and wanted to go in and find some food to fill his stomach.
It can be seen that Huang Kun was called back by Wei Xiaobei and was a little afraid that there was danger inside, so the BMW man turned his attention and focused his attention on Mao Ange, who had just arrived behind.
“Hey, this brother, I am the director of Klipsch Company. It is really fate to meet my brother here.”
Although this BMW man has some brains for blacksmithing, he has been exposed to hearing and seeing since he was a child, and he has more or less acquired the ability to talk to people and tell ghosts.
Na Mao Ange is just an ordinary college student who has never been in the big dye vat of society. Although he has some shortcomings, he can barely be called simple.
After the BMW man’s heart-to-heart talk and verbal communication, Mao Ange almost regarded the BMW man as a close friend in life. The two of them laughed while talking, just like best friends who hadn’t seen each other in more than ten years.
In fact, no matter how stupid Mao Ange is, he understands that the other party has intentions.
It’s just that here, I seem to be isolated. I offended Cheng Sisi’s boyfriend before, and he also offended the two people with him. The BMW man seems to be quite kind, and he is in the same situation as me. , so the two of them naturally have to get closer.
After the relationship became warm, the BMW man began to implement the plan he had made. The general idea was that he was hungry and asked Mao Ange if he was hungry. The next few words made Mao Ange’s blood boil and he was ready to go to the farmer’s market with the BMW man. Market looking for food.
Of course, the BMW man pretended to run up to Wei Xiaobei and asked if he wanted to go in together.
/Wei Xiaobei naturally saw through the BMW man’s attempt to find cannon fodder. He just said that there might be danger inside, which can be regarded as fulfilling his obligation to warn.
As for Wei Xiaobei’s warning, the BMW man didn’t take it to heart at all, thinking that since Mao Ange, the cannon fodder, was in front, he would definitely be able to escape if there was danger.
As for Mao Ange, he is doubtful. Yes, he thinks that Wei Xiaobei is seriously injured now. After the previous battle with Zhong Dama, the injury has become serious again. Now he is just holding on. What he means by this is that he do