that I know. The grandma who went in last is from my grandmother’s work. I often see her when I go to play, and she even gave me a red envelope!” An Nuan was in disbelief. said.

“It’s human nature. When you are fifty, you will still be full of interest.” Liu Changan hoped that she would not be biased. Don’t middle-aged and elderly people have such needs?
“I don’t know how. When I was fifty, I, I, I didn’t bother to care about you.” An Nuan was still immersed in shock. It wasn’t that she thought middle-aged and elderly people couldn’t have those needs, but she had always been respectful, kind and kind. It’s still hard for my grandma to accept appearing in a place like this.
“I just said that this place provides some special services. That was my judgment. Others may not know it. Professor Ling and your mother wouldn’t have come if they didn’t have my advice?” Liu Changan reminded.
An Nuan came to her senses, it was possible.
“Let’s go, it’s so aboveboard, and it doesn’t look like a place where people are killed and cannibalized. This industry is very old. The first time I discovered the existence of this industry was not because of dolphins and penguins, but because I was observing Neanderthals. Discovered at the time, Neandertals are now extinct. Their brain capacity is larger than that of Homo sapiens, but that does not mean they are smarter. They also know how to provide physical services in exchange.”
/“Then let’s go quickly! If that grandma comes out later and sees us, it will be so embarrassing!” An Nuan didn’t want to listen to Liu Changan’s nonsense about primitive people’s prostitution and whoring, and quickly pulled Liu Changan away.
An Nuan took Liu Changan away, and Liu Changan continued to tell the story of Neanderthals and Homo sapiens, as well as the unknown details behind the extinction of Neanderthals.
The extinction of many races in biological history is often accidental.
/If a unique creature like myself becomes extinct one day, it must be because there are no descendants left, so we still have to work hard tonight. We cannot be like the Neanderthals who only left many modern humans around the world. A few percent traces were left.
The more he cares about what he lacks, the more Liu Changan cares about it. When Liu Changan was moving bricks at the construction site, he never thought that it was a job that was not classy or classy in the eyes of others, because he did not lack class or classy life at all.
According to the traditional female functional aesthetic point of view, An Nuan is actually quite suitable for giving birth to children. This does not mean that there is a Qin Yanan who is most suitable for giving birth to children, but An Nuan is not so suitable.
Liu Changan thought as he looked at An Nuan’s tight jeans.
Her fingers were soft and she gently hooked Liu Changan’s hand. Her steps were cheerful and she was mumbling about what she had just seen. She looked as cute as a little girl who found a pile of grains in the rice fields after harvesting in autumn. Sparrows, chirping a