wheel Messenger be so close to him?

In addition, Wei Xiaobei felt a little weird about this Pingwheel Messenger, a little out of touch with the world.
But no matter what, Wei Xiaobei did not dare to offend the Pingwheel Messenger, so he smiled and said his name.
The Pingwheel messenger looked at Wei Xiaobei thoughtfully, as if he wanted to say something, but didn’t say it. Then he smiled and said, “My name is Pinglun.”
After saying this, the Paddle Wheel Messenger seemed a little impatient. With a move of his right hand, countless dead branches and leaves gathered from all directions, and in a moment, a large firewood pile was piled on the grass.
That wasn’t the end yet. Then the Paddle Wheel Messenger waved to the stream again, caught two arm-thick silver carps, handed them to Wei Xiaobei, and blinked as he waited for Wei Xiaobei to start cooking.
/The behavior of the Pingwheel Messenger made Wei Xiaobei dumbfounded, but he was filled with envy in his heart.
In Wei Xiaobei’s heart, this Baita Mountain can be called a blessed land of gods.
A being like the Paddle Wheel Messenger, despite her appearance as just a little girl, has a strength that is far beyond her reach. How would a being like this actually fall in love with his grilled fish?
Know that your cooking skills have not yet been developed.
This shows how miserable the food in Baita Mountain is.
Of course, this does not rule out the fact that they do not eat at all.
When he thought about this, Wei Xiaobei thought of the extra wild boar meat in his backpack.
The little treasure bag may be able to keep wild boar meat fresh, but the pork in the backpack probably won’t.
Besides, with the firewood collected by the Paddlewheel Messenger, there is no problem even if all the pork is roasted into jerky.
The only trouble is that there is no salt. Without this most basic salt, although the roasted jerky can satisfy hunger, the taste will be difficult to praise.
After hesitation, Wei Xiaobei told the matter.
What Wei Xiaobei never expected was that the answer from the paddlewheel messenger who looked like a little girl was: “Salt? What is it? Is it delicious?”
Well, Wei Xiaobei could only complain in his heart about this. He had never seen such a foodie. He didn’t even know salt, and he didn’t know how she got here in her life.
Fortunately, after Wei Xiaobei described the shape of the salt, the Paddle Wheel Messenger thought for a while and asked Wei Xiaobei to wait while he disappeared from the spot.
Seeing the paddle wheel messenger leaving, Wei Xiaobei didn’t do anything else. He cleaned the two fish first, then took out the pork from his backpack, washed them one by one, cut them into small pieces, and then skewered them with cut branches. Plug them into the ground one by one.
The Paddle Wheel Messenger didn’t leave for long. When Wei Xiaobei was skewering the meat and fish, the Paddle Wheel Messenger appeared again, holding a small brocade-like bag in his hand with a pattern of a white tower embroidered on it. .
Wei Xiaobei roughly understood it