ith a huge formation…

ith a huge formation…
He puffed up his throat. Li Qiang and others came to Zhao Song with mixed feelings.
“It should be called Chairman.” Zhao Song pointed to the clothes on his body with a smile and said, “Mr. President of United Semiconductor, you can’t wear these clothes anymore~”
“Wear them one last time!”
These simple words really meant something to him. The biggest affirmation! Zhao Song was stunned, held back the emotion in his heart, and nodded with a bigger smile:
After saying that, Zhao Song pulled Li Qiang to Jiang Shangzhou, and then said:
“Let me introduce you, Teacher Jiang Shangzhou , Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and Director of the Office of the Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone Leading Group, founder of Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Industrial Park, oh, by the way…”
/Jiang Shangzhou laughed while holding Li Qiang’s hand. Said: “Mr. Zhao, my family does not deserve such a big praise.”
“Deserves it!” Zhao Song looked at him with a strange look. Your family will be better than you in the future. The deputy minister of education, a clear-cut Opposing the industrialization of education, eighteen years later, at the age of over 70, he is still holding multiple positions without pay, all just to fulfill the original promise:
“Work for the country for 50 years!”
Such people, such Family………………….
convoy was driving at high speed on the road, behind a Toyota Scott, Liao Yingzhu clapped her hands vigorously, which made a group of excited people The engineers fell silent.
“Everyone, listen to me…”
“Miss Zhuzi, I haven’t seen you for a while, you are much more beautiful.”
The sincere praise suddenly came to mind, and a group of otakus nodded in deep agreement.
Liao Yingzhu, who specially put on light makeup, raised her head, squinted her eyes, and said in a sinister tone: “Liu Ming, I have already chosen your dormitory for you, the corner is the corner!” ”
Oh~ Haha~”
Whistle There was a lot of shouts and hooting, and the otakus looked at Liu Ming with gloating eyes at the limelight.
He held his head in an exaggerated manner and wailed: “Zhuzi, I’m sincere, you can’t do this to me!”
“A master’s degree has no human rights!”
Liao Yingzhu dismissed it, knocking over a lot of people with one sentence, and after a few pairs of With glaring eyes, Liao Yingzhu clapped the folder in his hand nonchalantly and said loudly:
“Everyone, listen to me, you all have employee options at United Semiconductor. This is the personal rights that Zhao Song has fought for for you! As for how much you can get? “It all depends on your own abilities!”
The carriage suddenly became silent, and the engineer stared at Liao Yingzhu intently.
“Also, each doctor has a two-bedroom apartment in Shanghai River Garden, and each master has a two-bedroom apartment, but a portion of the rent will be deducted every month for two years.”
Masters have no human rights!
Among this group of highly educated engin