at the game is about to enter the second cataclysm period, and perhaps the entire trembling world will undergo new changes.

at the game is about to enter the second cataclysm period, and perhaps the entire trembling world will undergo new changes.
It’s just that Liu Qian, who has been staying in Novice Village recently, hasn’t exactly felt this change yet, but if he takes a walk outside, he will definitely feel it more deeply.
Players are evolving, zombies are also evolving, and monsters have not stopped evolving. The competition between various species is the speed of evolution.
Those players who have not yet advanced to level 5 will soon lose their qualifications to survive in the world of trembling if they cannot advance to level 5 as soon as possible with the help of their own efforts and the help of other players.
Fortunately, Liu Qian has always kept his level ahead of this evolutionary speed, so that he can live a relatively comfortable life in the trembling world.
But it can also be seen from this point that players must not relax at any time. Once they relax and let their evolution speed be lower than that of zombies and monsters, it will become extremely difficult to survive in this trembling world, even very difficult. Will be eliminated soon.
/Liu Gan and Nana rushed forward and seriously injured these black-spotted zombies easily. After the team members harvested experience points, another player consciously followed Nana deeper into the corridor to confirm safety. Then everyone followed.
/At the end of the corridor is a stairwell, with an elevator on one side and a fire staircase on the other. The power in the laboratory has been cut off, and it is obvious that the elevator cannot be used, so everyone can only choose to take the stairs.
Going down the stairs, although they have already gone down one level, there is no door leading to the floor, so everyone can only continue going down. Everyone walked down five or six floors, during which they encountered some black-spotted zombies hunting for experience points. At the same time, they also saw some rotting corpses of zombies leaning against the wall. It looked like they should have been here before. The traces left by Qiu Zitao, Zhao Nanshan and others who fought.
After going down seven flights of stairs, there was finally a door leading to the floor. A team member followed Nana and opened the door first to explore. After confirming that it was safe, everyone followed in.
Inside is a long and narrow passage, connected to a hall at the end. There are several sofas and a coffee table in the center of the hall, and there are several rooms along the walls. After arriving here, everyone finally understood what happened here when Qiu Zitao brought people here last time. Because the ground was full of corpses, and the corpses of the dozen or so players who came with him were all lying on the ground. on the ground.
The heads on some corpses were no longer on their necks, and some had several large cuts on their heads. They were completely dead at the time and had not even turned into zombies. Their corpses emitted a strong putrid smell. If the players’ bodies had