10%. Seventy or eighty, it is beyond repair itself.

10%. Seventy or eighty, it is beyond repair itself.
“No problem, as long as you capture him alive and hand him over to us, we will give you the relevant devices and technology.” Paul Ding asked the linguist to reply to the mothership mastermind.
“Okay, deal.” The mastermind of the mothership obviously felt that it would be easy to catch Liu Qian after having the location map, so he agreed to Metal Castle’s request, and it also conducted some evaluation during this period. It was assessed that capturing the metal castle would cost a lot and may destroy the desired equipment and technology. After comparing various possibilities, conditions and interests, the proposal of the metal castle was agreed.
Paul Ding breathed a long sigh of relief. It was not easy to deal with this kind of program-controlled mechanical civilization, but it was obvious that he used his rich experience to successfully control the initiative in the negotiations between the two parties and let everything go smoothly. It’s all under control, and it’s up to the technicians to do the rest.
After agreeing to the conditions of the metal castle, the disc-shaped aircraft took dozens of fighter jets and divided into several directions to surround the direction of the Milky Way. Hundreds of armored warriors landed on the ground and cooperated with the aircraft in the air to weave the He formed an overwhelming net and prepared to capture the Milky Way in one fell swoop.
Yinhe and Liu Qian had returned to a secret headquarters on the outskirts of Tranquility City and were discussing strategies to fight the enemy with everyone. Hundreds of elites from Tranquility City also gathered here.
/The sentry at the front used the communication system to report back, saying that the armored warriors did not fight with the metal castle, but that they all took off and disappeared. They did not know where they flew.
Obviously, Liu Gan’s strategy failed and Nana was in vain. However, he failed to bring the armored warriors into a fight with the metal castle. He could not destroy the metal castle with the help of the armored warriors. Tranquility City had reached a critical moment of life and death.
/Everyone brainstormed to find a solution, but under such absolute strength, all so-called strategies seemed extremely pale and had no feasibility at all.
“There is a communication signal requesting access. It’s from the Metal Castle. Do you want to access it?” Wu Lei from the communication team asked Liu Gan for instructions.
“Come in.” Liu Qian nodded.
“Young man surnamed Liu, you tried to divert trouble and attack us with the help of those robots. Unfortunately, your plan failed! Are you feeling depressed now? Do you feel that you have failed as a human being? You are embarrassed in front of your subordinates. Yes Don’t you want to die? Hahahaha.” Paul Ding’s voice came from the communicator. As a military strategist, he can strategize, win over others without fighting, and win a victory thousands of miles away with just words. There is a sense of accompl