ture of its face, he must have used mousse to style its hair!

ture of its face, he must have used mousse to style its hair!
/Crouching in the snow, Han Xuan laughed inexplicably.
Anya beside her looked at him confusedly, not knowing why, so she didn’t bother to think about it, and looked at these two birds of prey with scattered feathers.
After understanding why they fell, Gabriel patted his chest in fear. It turned out that the bald eagle was wearing a surveillance collar. The golden eagle’s claws accidentally got stuck in it and could not be pulled out. As a result, it lost its balance and fell from the air. on the ground.
After carefully arriving about five meters away from them, the two birds immediately gave up the fight and unanimously set their sights on Gabriel. The golden eagle even opened its sharp beak to threaten him not to get close.
Han Xuan wiped his tears and walked towards them. This time, the bodyguards were not nervous. In addition to the reason why he had a good relationship with animals, it was also because his clothes were too thick. As long as his face was not scratched by claws, everything else would be fine.
Apart from the color of their feathers, the bald eagle and the golden eagle are not much different in appearance. They watched Han Xuan’s movements and stayed quietly in the snow.
I reached out and touched the golden eagle. Its mouth was pecked and it was bleeding. There were scars on its claws, but there were no fatal injuries.
A piece of hair on the bald eagle’s chest was scratched off, and one of its sharp claws was broken off. It wasn’t a big problem.
The fight just now was so fierce that both of them were panting rapidly.
Han Xuan grabbed the golden eagle’s leg and tried to pull it out, but this idiot, with all his muscles and no brains, couldn’t get it out with his claws open.
He turned around and patted its head, held its talons with his hands and pushed outwards, successfully separating the two birds.
The bald eagle is more than ninety centimeters long, and the golden eagle is also this long from head to tail. Standing next to Han Xuan, the height of its head can reach his waist.
Like fighting cocks, when they saw each other, they started to get angry again.
He hugged one of them with one hand and had a close contact with them. Han Xuan smiled and said, “Anya, take a picture for me.” ”
Anya took out the camera from the small bag behind her and skillfully took the picture for him. A few.
Mrs. Cecilia often takes her out for photography and needs to take landscape photos, and this point-and-shoot camera is easy to operate and she knows how to use it.
The tourists were used to seeing Han Xuan surrounded by a bunch of animals in the past two days, and they were still a little shocked when they saw this scene.
Ordinary people might get pecked when catching chickens. How could these two birds be quieter than chickens?
The wretched big bird that was rubbing its head against his waist looked nothing like the majestic golden
eagle of the past. The rabbit was frozen stiff.
/Han Xuan sent people to the kit