wondering what was going on. This was obviously unreasonable.

wondering what was going on. This was obviously unreasonable.
Han’s Automobile Group is developing rapidly. It is a new enterprise with a rich heritage, and at the same time it has the vigor of a new company. Coupled with perfect after-sales service, every time it launches a product, it is very popular. It takes only a few years to become popular. Gain a firm foothold in the market.
The drop in Volkswagen’s stock price is unreasonable. Of course, they would not be stupid enough to help Han Xuan by lowering the stock price so that he could acquire it. The real reason for the drop is that major European hedge funds are short-selling Volkswagen’s stock!
It is almost impossible for guys who have the brains to run a hedge fund to be fools. They certainly know that if the acquisition is successful, the shares of Volkswagen Group will definitely rise.
It’s just that most of the acquisitions of a listed company are unsuccessful. If successful, of course the stock price of the acquired company will be promising, but if the acquisition fails, the stock price of the acquired listed company will definitely fall.
/Those hedge funds concluded that this acquisition would not be completed, so they dared to short-sell unscrupulously. German Volkswagen is not an ordinary company. Just like the name of this company, it is really a company of “Volkswagen”.
As early as World War II, Hitler had requisitioned this company to manufacture military supplies, which resulted in official shares. After the war, in order to prevent this company from being acquired by foreign companies, the German government specially tailored a “… Mass Act”.
According to Germany’s “Company Law”, as long as the shareholding of a company reaches 75%, it is considered to have obtained control of the company. However, the “Volkswagen Act” stipulates that if the shareholding of Volkswagen reaches 75%, When the shareholding ratio is less than 20%, the voting rights are calculated based on the actual shareholding ratio. When the shareholding ratio exceeds 20%, the voting rights will not increase unless it holds more than 80% of the shares of Volkswagen.
As for the reason for the stipulation of 80%, it is because the official controls 20.1%, which is just 0.1%. As a result, even if all the stocks on the market are searched, the controlling interest will not be obtained.
Twenty-one percent of the official shares are held by the state of Lower Saxony, where Volkswagen is located. Legally speaking, they are also owned by taxpayers across the state. If the shares are to be released, they must be submitted to the state parliament for a vote. Launch a referendum.
Therefore, everyone knows that it is almost impossible for Han Xuan to get these official shares. Even if he does get it, the news will be known to everyone. Hedge funds have always been well-informed, and they must have known the news for a long time, and the trend will not change when the time comes. Late.
When people discovered that Han’s Automobile Group had really started to buy Volkswagen