w suddenly…”

w suddenly…”
“Stop talking. Let Chu He calm down for a while. .” Guo Caiying interrupted the embarrassed man behind her without looking back.
“It’s not that I, I, Xiaobao and I don’t want to fight, but we can’t beat them. There are many of them and they have knives…” ”
Stop talking, I understand.” Feeling that my friend’s shoulders began to tremble gradually again, Guo Caiying yelled irritably and helped Ai Chuhe get into the SUV.
At this time, Zhang Lisheng had already gotten into the car first. After handing two hot cups of coffee to the two girls, he looked at the lost young man outside the car door. Suddenly said: “Senior Bingya did the right thing. He tried his best but couldn’t do anything. You can’t let him die.” ”
Then he can just watch the girls he knows being bullied,” Guo Caiying said suddenly. He yelled: “This girl was in danger because of his force!”
Zhang Li was stunned for a moment, then waved his hand helplessly and said: “I just said that according to logical analysis…
forget it, I made a mistake again. It’s a woman’s mistake to argue, when I didn’t say anything, senior. Do you need to turn up the heater?”
/The young man had already given in, but the girl became even more upset, looking at Luo Bingya who was stunned in the rain outside the car. The uncontrollable disappointment in her heart forced her to yell at Zhang Lisheng uncontrollably: “What’s wrong with women? To be reasonable, men and women should be divided into men. Stop pretending to be a good person.
I want you to tell the truth. If you meet a girlfriend or… Or a girl with whom you have a close relationship was bullied by a gangster. What would you do before you were beaten to the ground?”
Zhang Lisheng pretended not to hear and turned his head without speaking. Luo Bingya outside the car door trembled slightly in the night rain. .
“I’m asking you a question, Zhang Lisheng, tell me, what would you do if it were you?” Seeing the painful look of the man outside the car, Guo Caiying felt a pain in her heart and an inexplicable relief, and she gritted her teeth and asked forcefully.
/Zhang Lisheng’s face finally darkened after he was questioned like this despite having done nothing wrong. He turned his head again and smiled coldly and said, “Sister, everyone has different choices when it comes to this kind of thing. It’s hard to tell what’s right or wrong. I Your choice may not necessarily be much better than others.”
“But at least you won’t be a coward, right?”
“But a murderer is not necessarily better than a coward.” Many thoughts flashed through the young man’s mind, and he finally made up his mind and replied calmly: “To be honest, my personality is very extreme. When people I don’t know are bullied by gangsters, I usually don’t care about their life or death; but when I see people I know being bullied, I will send those gangsters to die.” ”
Ha, it’s really scary. I know you, Chu. He also knows you, why don’t you let those robbers die?”
“There are twenty centimeters of water on the ground. The seven