ith a backpack on his back. After a while, his black friend came to him.

ith a backpack on his back. After a while, his black friend came to him.
“Hey, my boring man, how was your day?”
“Good as always, George, shall we go to Duze’s Meat Shop now?”
“Of course you can if you want,” George said while blending into the crowd with Zhang Lisheng: “Are you sure you really want to work there? Speaking of which, you should not be short of pocket money…
Forget it, you are a mysterious guy, of course I haven’t said anything yet.”
/“Actually, working is just a cover, I just want some free time.” Zhang Lisheng smiled and said half-truthfully.
“So you have to pretend to work for two days and prepare for parent investigation. You are really cunning.” George made a look of realization and said with a smile.
Zhang Lisheng nodded without saying anything. The two of them had already walked to the shade of the tree where the bicycles were stored, got on their bicycles, and headed towards Du Ze’s Meat Shop.
It takes more than ten minutes to go from school to the butcher shop by riding a bicycle. It usually takes longer because of the traffic jam. This distance is neither far nor close, just right between the word “nearby” critical point.
Du Ze’s Meat Shop has just swallowed up a nearby candy store and expanded to ten counters. It seems to be quite large. It sells a wide range of raw and cooked meats. The only way it can compete with big supermarkets is that it is fresh and delicious.
The owner of the butcher shop, Rocky, was a short, stocky, middle-aged white man with a big beard. When he saw the thin Zhang Lisheng applying for a part-time job, he seemed very dissatisfied and shouted: “George, the work in the shop is not easy, and you are just doing nothing.” The little guy is annoying enough…”
“Boss, why don’t you try to see if I can do the job you assigned, and talk about other things.”
Luo Ji was choked by Zhang Lisheng, and took another look at the thin Chinese boy in front of him. Without any further nonsense, he directly ordered: “Five hundred grams of fresh meat, cut into small pieces, I’ll give you one minute.”
Zhang Lisheng used to cut countless pieces of meat in order to raise poisonous insects.
He walked into the counter without saying a word, washed his hands on the sink behind him, picked up the kitchen knives on the knife holder, weighed them, and finally chose a kitchen knife with a straight handle and a long blade.
After that, Zhang Lisheng used a long-blade kitchen knife to cut off a piece of pork tenderloin seemingly at random. He waved the kitchen knife even though it was not weighed, and lightly cut the meat into half-inch square pieces. , the whole process takes less than half a minute, which makes people feel dazzled.
After cutting the meat into pieces, he wrapped all the meat pieces and threw them on the electronic scale. It was exactly 500 grams in weight.
“Have you ever been a Teppanyaki master in Hinmaru Country before?” Rocky asked with some stuttering in surprise.
“No, I’m Chinese, but I used to cook by myself.”
“Young man, your knife skills