urned his head towards the window. “Ma’am, I think things may not be as bad as you think.

urned his head towards the window. “Ma’am, I think things may not be as bad as you think.
Besides, even if there is an accident, I don’t need to leave a suicide note. Can you bring me some food? I’m hungry.”
/“Okay sir. Please. Wait a minute.” Unable to identify the man in his dirty shorts and undershirt. The young guest who paid thousands of dollars to take a cross-country flight was a strong man who was not afraid of life and death and could control his own mind, but he was also an idiot who was frightened into insanity.
But the young man’s calm attitude miraculously gave the flight attendant great psychological support. After distributing paper and pens to other passengers, she actually delivered food and drinks to Zhang Lisheng.
“Thank you. Well, you can tell they taste good by the smell.” The pizza and hamburgers were kept warm in the incubator and were full of aroma. After Zhang Lisheng thanked him, in the cabin that became miserable and rainy, he continued to silently count the sounds floating in the cracks in the sky. While showing off the picture scroll, he feasted on it.
Ten minutes later, when he counted to forty-seven, the crack in the sky suddenly shrank, and within three to five seconds the huge crack disappeared without a trace. After waiting for a few minutes, the passengers in the cabin hugged each other and cried. Just when I thought I had escaped disaster, the crack slowly appeared on the horizon again, and it happened again and again six or seven times before it really disappeared.
The vision lasted for nearly two hours from beginning to end. Although it did not have any impact on the flight of the aircraft, facing this unexplainable horror scene at close range in the air was a nightmare for the passengers every minute and every second. Huge suffering.
So when the cracks really disappeared, some guests who were close to mental breakdown had already begun to pray and beg God not to torture his devout believers like this. If they wanted to destroy the world, they would simply send down the doomsday judgment.
Tina was silent for a while, then sighed and said: “Oh honey, it seems that your guess is similar to ours, but there is no need to put a lot of pressure on yourself. Earth’s civilization is still very powerful in comparison…”
The cracks tearing the sky apart disappeared, but the panic in people’s hearts did not disappear.
The long night finally passed, the sun slowly rose from the east, and the captain’s comforting words suddenly sounded on the plane’s broadcast, “Dear passengers, I am Captain McGrath Weiss of United Airlines flight au2901. Special.
On last night’s flight, we encountered some strange astronomical and atmospheric phenomena, which caused great panic to everyone. On behalf of all my colleagues on the flight, I would like to sincerely apologize to you. However, the
difficult moment has passed, and I am happy I would like to announce to you that it has been more than five hours since our flight returned to normal and we are already in the United States. We will