here! Come out!!”

here! Come out!!”
In fact, Alice already knew something about the Red Queen and the White Queen from Leon. Although Leon didn’t know much about the queen, Alice could use her own wisdom to deduce a reasonable answer!
The Red Queen is going to execute the original program and destroy all living things on earth! The White Queen will use the “Alice Project” to save the surviving humans and eliminate all biological monsters! The same thing is that both queens are using the G virus. The White Queen used the G-Virus to deal with biochemical monsters and save humanity, and she obviously got help from Isaacs. In order to defeat the White Queen, the Red Queen spread some information about the G virus to attract action from all parties, and then took advantage of the chaos to sneak in.
And it turns out that the Red Queen succeeded. The base is a mess.
If Li Shuangmu and others knew about Alice’s guess at this moment, I’m afraid they would be quite unhappy: Everything before the White Queen turned out to be an illusion. And they were actually used by an artificial intelligence!
Now, with the power off and on, it seems that the red and white queens are competing again. (Wang Ning happened to meet at the right time)
“It’s me!”
Sure enough, the white queen’s shadow appeared! And her appearance seemed to prove that she had defeated the Red Queen!
/“Activate the laser in the tunnel!” Alice said loudly, “And activate the self-destruction program of the base! Let all sins be buried deep underground forever!” ”
I am about to do this!” The White Queen smiled , she had gotten what she wanted, “But what about you?”
Alice looked at Wesker and shouted “Hey hey hey”: “No one can kill me except myself! Wesker, let’s do it together Die deep underground!”
Wesker suddenly turned around, and with a “buzz” sound, a laser net was printed on his sunglasses.
/At the same time, Qian Qianqian, Ada Wang, Li Shuangmu and others were anxiously Looking at the two bloody cocoons not far away.
That’s right, it’s two huge cocoons made of blood!
At first, blood gushed out from Yin Kuang’s body like a spring, and then the blood turned into thin blood threads. Then, just like silkworms spinning silk to form a cocoon, the blood threads began to form a huge cocoon. Yin Kuang was tightly wrapped in it. Then, following Yin Kuang’s sudden change, Leon and Leon began to spurt out a large amount of blood, forming a blood cocoon. After forming cocoons, the two “human cocoons” began to beat “dong dong dong dong” like hearts, and each time they inflated, they emitted a burst of light. Yin Kuang’s light was purple, while Leon’s was black light. It looks quite weird.
Li Shuangmu asked Zeng Fei next to him, “How are you? Can you see clearly?” Zeng Fei has the Eye of the Void and can see through. Zeng Fei said: “It’s nothing serious for the time being. I just feel that these two people have changed from viviparous to oviparous.” Zeng Fei was not joking, but expressed it in a way that he thought was more vivid. However, Qi Xiaoyun couldn’t help but