have really been able to say such things on impulse. But now, he values ??his life more and more. So, he said: “Speak!”

have really been able to say such things on impulse. But now, he values ??his life more and more. So, he said: “Speak!”
“I want you to help me collect ‘keys’.”
“Yes. Collect all the keys that can be collected. No matter what method you use.” The voice slowly He said, “I know you also need a key to go to the land of bliss. I can give you one generously. By the way, I have an interesting person in my hand and I can also give it to you generously as payment to you. Reward. You will definitely like that person very much.” Bai Lu asked: “Why do you want the ‘key’? Why me? Also, who is the person you are referring to?” “Hey, this is me. You don’t need to worry about it at all,” the sinister and hoarse voice continued, “As for that person, the one who can make a man’s heart beat is naturally a woman. And she is also a very beautiful woman.” As he said that, the black hand He took out an old photo, lowered his waist, and held the photo upright in front of Bai Lu’s eyes.
But when he saw the person in the photo, Bai Lu’s breathing quickened instantly, “Her!? Bastard! What did you do to her!?”
“Don’t worry,” the black cloth man put the photo on Bai Lu’s On his face, “As long as you obediently take care of things for me, nothing will happen to her. On the contrary, I can’t guarantee it. Anyone who sees such a beautiful and charming woman will be moved by it. Do you think so?” Right?”
/Bai Lu gritted his teeth and said loudly: “Okay! I promise you! Use all the keys in exchange for her!”
“Tsk, tsk, tsk, of course all the keys.”
/Bai Lu was so excited that he almost lost his mind. He was completely Didn’t pay attention to what the voice said about “all the keys”
Then, the black cloth man took out a black The meatballs, “Eat it. Eat it, and you will be fine. I am in the dark, confidently looking forward to your success.” After saying that, the black cloth man was torn into pieces out of thin air and burned. The piece of cloth then slowly rose up and finally disappeared. Then, the sword-hand centipede that suppressed Bai Lu also retracted its sword hand and disappeared into the darkness together with the blood claw monster.
Not long after, the bell rang.
Bai Lu didn’t care what the black ball was, so he swallowed it in one gulp. Then, a miracle really happened. His body, which had been ravaged by the bloody hand monster, was recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye. In just half a minute, he was completely healed! However, Bai Lu seemed to have nothing to do with such a magical thing. He jumped up directly, holding the old black and white photo and staring at it for a while, then put it into his pocket with a serious face, “You wait, I will definitely rescue you!”
“Yin Kuang, you are not even a woman. If I can’t protect you well, what’s the point of keeping you alive?” Bai Lu bared his teeth and said fiercely, then rushed out of the alley and disappeared in an instant.
At the top of the alley, the black cloth man stood on the edge of the wall, overlooking Bai Lu’s disappearance, and then shook his