ianqian’s small mouth flattened, and she felt resentful in her heart, “Does he think I’m a burden? I’m that useless. Is it useful?”

ianqian’s small mouth flattened, and she felt resentful in her heart, “Does he think I’m a burden? I’m that useless. Is it useful?”
/Yin Kuang curled his lips and said to himself: “Just throw the burden you don’t want to me. It’s not like you can’t tell that people like you. Don’t you young men really like beautiful women to follow you?” After complaining in his heart, he said: “Okay. In that case, Qian Qianqian should be in the same group as me.” After all, we are in the same class, and we are in the same group for two scenes, so we have some friendship, so we can’t break people’s hearts. Although protecting two people is a bit troublesome, Yin Kuang still has some confidence.
Li Shuangmu only said three words, “Leave it to me.”
“Classmate Tang, Zeng Fei, you are responsible for kidnapping Nathan. He spends most of his time in the factory, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find him. Me, and Wei Ming, Qian Qianqian is responsible for kidnapping the protagonist Sam. Then Bai Sha and you will be responsible for kidnapping the heroine Jasmine. We will contact you by phone at any time. No matter who succeeds first, he will use his mobile phone to send a text message to the other person and make an appointment with Sam at work. Meet in a restaurant. Also, try not to attract the attention of the police. Maybe, this is our last chance.” Yin Kuang finished, and then added: “Li Shuangmu, I have to trouble you again. We are everywhere in the city now. There is a wanted order, so I have to dress up properly.”
In this way, all actions were basically finalized. The group rested for more than two hours. When it started to rain, Yin Kuang called everyone up. After that, Li Shuangmu used his wonderful skills to dress everyone up, and everyone almost had a makeover. Yin Kuang, who turned into a young man with tattoos on half his face, said to everyone: “It’s almost time. Everyone, success or failure may depend on this. Also, be careful. Death is with us at any time. .”
/After everyone encouraged each other to say goodbye, Li Shuangmu came to Yin Kuang, handed him the Death Note, and said, “Yin Kuang, have you ever thought about collecting all five Death Notes?” Yin Kuang raised his eyebrows and said: “Five? You mean?” Li Shuangmu nodded and said, “That’s right. Since each Death Note records a death accident, “The God of Death” is here. There are currently five in total. If all five are collected, What will happen to this Death Note?”
Yin Kuang looked at the Death Note in his hand and said, “I really haven’t thought about this.” Li Shuangmu said, “Maybe it has something to do with the ‘Law of Death’!” After Li Shuangmu finished speaking, Then he left. Yin Kuang’s eyes widened, “That’s right! Why didn’t I think of that.” Yin Kuang patted his head and said, “Since this notebook was written by a black uncle who has already understood part of the ‘Law of Death’, is it also true? Contains part of the ‘Law of Death’? And the so-called ‘reading’ actually means understanding the Law of Death?” But before Yin Kuang could be happy, his