t a three-pointer.

t a three-pointer.
The trajectory of the ball is very positive.
Smith seized the opportunity!
16 to 9!
/This three-pointer is crucial!
Hill continued to organize in the frontcourt, but his pass this time was directly intercepted by James after predicting it.
James handled this offense and defense very calmly, and the words Iverson said during the timeout were very useful.
This is actually to be expected.
Putting aside things on the court, James has great respect for Iverson off the court.
“I respect Jordan and Magic, but Iverson is the real god in my heart.”
/This is James’ evaluation of Iverson in history.
Although some changes have occurred in history and Sun Hao has become the object of James’ admiration and defeat, his attitude towards Iverson has not changed.
Because Iverson means too much to players who come from the slums.
It is no exaggeration to say that Iverson was a beacon for black children in the ghetto.
It was he who told those people that even if they were born in poverty, they could still achieve success through their own efforts.
So James will definitely listen to what Iverson says.
And it’s also very good in terms of effects.
During the Nuggets’ fast break, Ariza was leading James, but just like before, he couldn’t stop him.
Sun Hao turned around to help defend. James knew that Sun Hao’s defense had improved greatly, and quickly passed the ball to J.R. Smith, who was following up on the right.
Smith showed off his physical prowess and jumped into the air with one step.
This scene is very similar to the cooperation between the two in the dunk contest.
Sun Hao saw the right moment and chipped the ball.
However, Smith turned 180° in mid-air to avoid it!
And after turning around, he was able to pull the ball up, and then hit the ball into the basket with a one-handed lever.jpg!
The dunk happened right in front of Sun Hao’s eyes, and Sun Hao couldn’t help but curse.
This ball is a fortress!
“This kid”
even Jordan in the commentary box was stunned.
The difficulty of the dunk just now, coupled with Sun Hao’s golden background board, can be selected into the top ten dunks in the NBA!
The fans at the scene did not react for a while.
Stars such as
Iverson, James, O’Neal, Hill, and Sun Hao shine on the court one after another, and the battle is in full swing.
No one expected that Qu’a, a young player from Oblique Side Li, would suddenly appear and steal everyone’s limelight.
The fans who had just reacted at this time burst into overwhelming cheers.
16 to 11!
Counting the three-pointers in the previous round, Smith scored 5 consecutive points, helping the Nuggets chase the score to only 5 points!
This time, it was Phil Jackson’s turn to call timeout.
“How did he do it?”
When he came off the field, Hill also felt a little incredible.
“After all, he is the one who has the Jordan experience card.”
Sun Hao came back and said with a smile.
Hill didn’t understand.
“I’ll find an opportunity to dunk him hard