thod you can think of, and you never guess which one he will choose to use.

thod you can think of, and you never guess which one he will choose to use.
Sun Hao’s defense is not strong, and he is a defender. It is difficult to defend Anthony because he is misplaced.
All in all, the people Sun Hao found beat him up one by one.
However, it works great.
Just like playing games, if you want to grow quickly, you have to compete with the masters.
As long as your mentality does not collapse and you find a professional person to guide you, your abilities will definitely improve by leaps and bounds.
Sun Hao is experiencing this now.
Facts have proved that he is completely different from Vujacic and former teammate Nash.
His poor defense before was not because he was not good at defense, but because he focused on the offensive end.
a month later.
There is only about a month left before the start of the new season.
/At this time, the NBA offseason is almost over.
Sun Hao was practicing hard, but at this moment he discovered something.
Except for the big deals made during the period when the free agent market started, everything after that was just small deals.
He originally thought that Garnett, who would go to the Celtics, and Kobe, who would go to the Clippers, were still staying in their respective homes!
This is, why do you suddenly realize that you are not wearing a condom halfway through and stop doing it halfway through?
This feels so uncomfortable!
However, it is also good news.
At least this way, the Lakers are more likely to defend their title.
But with good news, there comes bad news.
The bad news is that the Pistons are expected to open training camp early, and Anthony will leave early.
Well, Anthony ran away that same day, without losing a minute.
You must know that Anthony, as a person, basically has a very “fulfilling” summer.
The news you saw the most about him during the offseason was that he appeared on a trip again, and then he turned into a ball when he arrived at the training camp.
This summer, he first went to Japan to compete in the World Championships, and when he came back, he was dragged by Sun Hao to the training camp to be a young man. This was the first time he had ever done so.
And the key is that he spent most of the time beating Sun Hao.
Although Sun Hao’s progress has allowed him to feel a bit of defensive pressure, it is still very limited.
So when he could run away, he never lost an extra minute.
But in this way, Sun Hao lost one of the most efficient training targets.
His original plan was to practice until the beginning of October, which meant he would have to practice for another half month.
And he has already felt that his ability has improved to a critical point.
It’s like in a fantasy novel when it’s time to break the bottleneck and overcome the catastrophe.
As a result, Anthony ran away,
which made him somewhat depressed.
And if you ask him to find someone of the same level and type as Anthony, it will be difficult for him to find him!
How about Kobe?
I can’t contact you either.
This guy