put him into a temporary state of eternal sleep.

“I can try to help you, but I need a medium to be sure enough. This is an angel that contains the uniqueness of ‘The Fool’.”
“What medium?” Klein asked as if he was thinking.
The dream projection of the “Night Goddess” said with a slight smile:
“The waters of the ‘River of Eternal Darkness’.”
He thought about it and said:
“Just river water?”
The dream projection of the “Night Goddess” nodded gently and said:
“You can’t take away the entire ‘River of Eternal Darkness’ now. You’ll understand when you get to the depths of Calderon.
“I’ll ask you some questions when you come back.”
Without waiting for Klein to respond, he added:
“For you, there are unusual dangers there. You’d better wait until your mental state stabilizes before going.”
“Okay.” Although Klein didn’t know what he would encounter in the depths of Calderon City, he knew that his current state was not suitable for adventures, especially adventures involving sefirah.
The dream projection of the “Night Goddess” continued:
“When you wake up and perform a ceremony to pray for blessings, I will give you an item to use to get the water from the ‘River of Eternal Darkness’.”
Klein nodded, did not hesitate, and said instead:
“Adam is part of the ancient sun god, one of his identities.”
The dream projection of the “Night Goddess” showed no obvious emotional fluctuations, and said softly and soothingly:
“He has gone to the land abandoned by God and met the ‘True Creator’.”
So fast… After Klein was a little surprised, he felt that it should be so.
Adam revealed his secret because it no longer had any value.
The dream projection of the “Night Goddess” continued:
“No matter what happens next, it will take a long time and you don’t need to pay attention to it for the time being.”
After Klein nodded, the figure in front of him quickly became blurry, and the night herbs and deep sleep flowers under his feet flew up one after another, filling the darkness.
He then opened his eyes and saw the dark hall and the pure light shining through the holes in the wall, which was like stars embedded in the velvet night.
As Klein stared, red flames suddenly appeared and engulfed him.
By the time the firelight scattered, his figure had disappeared into St. Samuel’s Church.
In an empty room in an ordinary hotel, Klein stepped out of the sudden rising flames and began to arrange a ceremony to pray for blessings.
Soon, the mysterious door formed by candlelight opened, and an ancient ornament flew out from the endless darkness and landed on the altar.
This ornament seemed to be made of gold and resembled a slender bird, surrounded by wings made of pale flames. The bronze eyes were flashing with layers of light, as if they were hiding illusory doors one after another.
Klein sincerely thanked the “Goddess of the Night”, ended the ceremony, and picked up the bird-shaped gold jewelry.
“This seems to be the image of Gray Carrie, the legendary ancestor of the Phoenix…
/“In addition to his own path, this ancient go