“Looking at the freedom of all countries, they have adopted a neutral bystander attitude. That’s right. Once this kind of thing really happens, how can it be hidden…” The young man stared at the monitor, slid the mouse, and murmured in his mouth, and suddenly heard The cell phone lying aside came out with “chirp, chirp…” birds chirping.
/Thinking it should be a call back from Tina, Zhang Lisheng picked up the phone and took a look. Sure enough, it was his girlfriend calling. He answered the call and said: “Hi, Tina, did you have a good holiday? Did
/you see my message? I’m in New York. ”
Hi honey, I had a great holiday. Of course, it’s a bit dull without you around, but it’s also pretty good.
I received your message, and I really want to see you right away, but now I’m with Cui. Qian and Shelia are cooling off in Switzerland. They have only been here for a day. It would be too disappointing to leave right away. Moreover, the lake scenery here is so beautiful. Can you come to me?” “I’m afraid
not. I have a lot of important things on hand after coming back from China. There are matters to be dealt with, and various signs indicate that we may not have much time…” The young man thought for a while and replied with deep meaning.
But I miss you, my dear.”
“It doesn’t matter. I will go to Boston to see you after the summer vacation. We will meet soon…” The young man comforted the girl and chatted affectionately. After a while, he hung up the phone.
“But now I am more accustomed to making myself stronger so that I can control my own destiny,” Zhang Lisheng interrupted the girl with a smile, “Don’t worry about me, just enjoy your vacation. I don’t know how long it will take to fly to Switzerland next year. .”
After that, he continued to read the news about the “gutter” on the Internet for a while, and found that there was not much information worth paying attention to, so he closed the computer and opened the canvas bag he had carried all the way from western Sichuan to New York. . He took out the meat ball wrapped with insect eggs that Zheng Tianliang transformed into and the stone that the giant ape from the ‘Oasis World’ turned into after death, and placed them on his desk for closer inspection.
There are tight and detailed textures on the outside of the meat ball that wraps the insect eggs. If you don’t notice that it beats slightly every twenty or thirty seconds, it looks like a strange work of art made of leather; and the stone It looks like a reef, but the dense holes on it are smaller. By gently touching its shell with your hand, you can feel an extremely weak flow of air, as if the stone is breathing.
“Oh, these are really some weird harvests…” The young man murmured after rubbing the stone for a while, and then dug out the piece of stone that he dug out from the earth, with a diagram of Bagua drawn on it, and a black and white Pisces part in the middle was cracked. Half an inch of damaged silk. Taken it out of the backpack.
The original color of the silk cloth should be as pure