l be my turn.”

l be my turn.”
Wen Liang sighed and held Ning Xi’s hand tightly. Why don’t you understand what Ning Xi means? If Ning Huchen refuses to retreat, the Zhuang Clan will naturally turn their attention here again. As the link between Ning Lei and Chen, Hengsha Mining and Ning Xi will undoubtedly become the main force of the Zhuang Clan. The best starting point for your next move.
In the past, Ning Xi, due to her own weakness, could not get into the sight of those big shots, but now because of the appreciation of Hengsha Mining and Chen Longqi, she can no longer hide in the shadows behind others, and is about to become the one who will bear the storm for the Ning family. The invading iron wall.
“Xiao Yi, you have to be careful.”
/Ning Xi shook her head, sat up straight, touched Wen Liang’s cheek with one hand, and said, “As long as the Ning family is here, as long as I am careful, they can’t do anything to me but you, you ”
“I’m afraid it will hurt you.”
Ning Xi is not unreasonably worried. In order to deal with the main body, he must first remove the branches and leaves. This is the opponent’s specialty. No one knew about Ning Xi and Wen Liang’s relationship except themselves. Even Lei Fang could only guess that they seemed interested in each other, but he couldn’t be sure whether they were really together. But in addition, Ning Xi has huge investments in Qinghe Doujiu and Materia Medica Ruolan. Although it is secretive, it cannot be hidden from those who want to know it. Once a fight actually breaks out, no one can guarantee whether the other party will take Wen Liang’s action?
Politics is never a pure and innocent game!
“Implicate me?” Wen Liang raised his eyebrows and said with a smile: “Am I afraid of being implicated?” What
Ning Xi is afraid of is that Wen Liang is so persistent. She has her back to the Ning family, even if she is attacked and causes losses. , what is also lost is the assets of the Ning family. As long as it is not fatal, it can be resurrected with full health in the blink of an eye. But Wen Liang was different. It was so difficult for him to get to this point. If he was involved in this fight that he shouldn’t be involved in, Ning Xi would not be able to forgive herself even if she died!
“I’m sorry, even if you don’t think about yourself, you should also think about me, your parents, and your friends. You won’t have to worry about running out of firewood to keep the green hills. Only by preserving the present can you plan for the future. Besides, this is the Ning family. It’s not just my business, you don’t have to get involved.”
Ning Xi nodded, but added: “It’s an open break!”
/“Others are not fools,” Wen Liang scratched. He rubbed her nose and said, “You can’t just break up. There must be a justifiable reason.”
Seeing that Wen Liang had been convinced, Ning Xi breathed a sigh of relief, smiled slightly, and said, “Since ancient times, there have been only four types of disputes. , fame, profit, power and sex. We do not fight for fame or power, and it has nothing to