id, “Okay, I forgot about it if you didn’t tell me. Where’s my short-sleeved shirt? As a result, my father scolded me when I went back that night. He lied and said that the shade was stolen. I’m almost going to suffer!”

In addition, Yu Peidong actually took out the investigation report that Qingzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Xu Fuyan submitted to the province for study not long ago, saying that Jiangdong Province has outstanding people. This report in Qingzhou was formed before the plenary session, but it was able to elaborate on the general trend and the reform of state-owned enterprises from a high position. The understanding and discussion of state-owned enterprise reform are all in line with the central government’s major policies. As long as we use talents like this well and boldly, we will surely find a bright road through our exploration.
Zuo Yuxi chuckled, and then said with an unquestionable He said in a tone of voice: “I hid that dress. It belongs to me. You can’t have it!”
Wen Liang naturally understood what she meant and said yes with a smile.
/After snuggling like this for a long time, the phone rang. Zuo Yuxi reluctantly left Wen Liang’s arms and answered the phone: “Yes, Secretary Niu.”
Wen Liang pursed his lips tightly and stared at Zuo Yuxi. face, as if she wanted to know the result in advance from her expression. After putting down the phone, Zuo Yuxi beamed with joy and said, “It’s done. Bai Changqian has completely reversed himself. Wei Chenfeng has adjusted the division of labor. Everything is as you expected.”
Wen Liang breathed a sigh of relief. After being nervous, he felt a little exhausted and said: “This level has passed. The news will soon spread throughout Qingzhou. Xu Fuyan has been in charge for so long, and he can finally feel proud for once.”
“What’s the next step?”
“What else can we do?” Wen Liang had a look on his young face. A bit of fierce murderous intent, “Xu Fuyan has shown his ability to control Qingzhou. I don’t know how many wallflowers will turn over in a swarm. These people are not successful enough, but they are more than enough to expose. Once people’s hearts are shaken, those guys locked up by the investigation team will I can’t stand it anymore. If I open this hole, I will attack Zhou Yuanting and others immediately. The rabbit will bite people when it is anxious, let alone the wolf who is driven crazy.”
Zuo Yuxi nodded, with the same cold eyes. : “At this point, it’s time for the person above to take a stand, Fan Heng’an.”
The end of 1995 is destined to become an unforgettable memory for many Qingzhou people. Countless topics that can be taken up to pass the time after dinner have been discussed in just ten years. Within a few days, the neighborhood exploded. At night market stalls, big stalls, vegetable markets, KTVs, dance halls, ordinary people gathered together and whispered. There were already many uncles in this era, vividly describing the expressions and manners of the leaders on the Standing Committee, as if he himself was one of the