ke people.

ke people.
“Brother Min, where is old Min?”
Another man in a bathrobe came out of the room. Seeing the scene in front of him, he complained: “What happened? I just went in and took a bath, and you were there He is throwing a tantrum outside.” He turned his head, saw Wen Liang, and asked in surprise: “Why is it you?”
Wen Liang also saw the face of the visitor clearly, and secretly lamented that the world is really small, but he couldn’t hide at this time. , smiled and said: “It’s you, fortunately, nice to meet you!”
The person who came out was Gao Tianfang, whom Wen Liang and the three girls of Xu Yao met on their way back to Qingzhou from Yishan in the heavy snow at the end of last year. This person was Gao Tianfang. Chen Zongzhi’s secretary wants to pursue Zhuo Mingjing to climb high. In Wen Liang’s words, he is a very “motivated” person!
/Gao Tianfang stretched out his hand, with a very low posture, and said with a smile: “Mr. Wen, we are really destined.”
Wen Liang shook hands with Gao Tianfang and did not ask him how he knew his name. As Chen Zongzhi’s secretary, He had such a serious conflict with Chen Yurui again. If he didn’t know, he would have really seen a ghost.
“You haven’t asked for advice yet?”
Gao Tianfang said: “My surname is Gao, Gao Tianfang!”
Wen Liang said in surprise: “Where is Mr. Gao employed? I heard that Mayor Chen’s chief secretary also has this name, you guys…
Gao Tian Fang smiled and said: “It’s not a big secret, it’s just to do some work around Mayor Chen.”
“It turns out that he is really the director of Gao. It’s really disrespectful. How disrespectful!”
Generally, the first secretary of the mayor is also the mayor’s first secretary . For the position of director or deputy director of the Secretariat of the Government General Office, Wen Liang is naturally much more pleasant to be called than Secretary Gao.
“Tianfang, do you know him?”
Secretary Min glanced at Gao Tianfang strangely. Gao Tianfang explained: “I met him once, but I didn’t know Mr. Wen’s name at that time. Later I heard someone talk about him. I know it’s Mr. Wen from Qingzhou.”
Secretary Min asked doubtfully: “Qingzhou, which Mr. Wen? Oh, who cares, Mr. Wen or not Mr. Wen, God, why are you so polite to him! Come on, let him call me. I was just about to see what kind of big-tailed wolf this kid is pretending to
be, and who can he ask to intervene in this nosy matter!” Gao Tianfang really wanted to kick him. This Min Chengye looked like a very educated man, but he was actually a big idiot. The deputy director of the National People’s Congress is his father-in-law, and he has just climbed up to the position of deputy secretary of the Guanshan Sangqiu District Committee. In addition to eating, drinking, whoring, gambling, and smoking, he doesn’t pay attention to current affairs at all. He doesn’t even hear about the emergence of a great figure in Qingzhou. Got some news. If it were anyone else, even a clerk in the office, as long as he was in the pool of Guanshan, who wouldn’t know about the co