and said, “I have been busy in class this morning and didn’t pay attention. Huang Mei, what about you?”

and said, “I have been busy in class this morning and didn’t pay attention. Huang Mei, what about you?”
/Huang Mei is now a woman, much more aggressive than before. She looked at Wen Liang up and down and said with a smile: “Oh, I haven’t seen you for a few months. Wen Liang, you are getting more and more handsome as you grow older!”
Wen Liang used to tease Huang Mei a lot, but now he knew that he was about to be retaliated. His face turned red in time and he said, “Teacher Huang is married. , The vision and taste are just different.”
Huang Mei laughed happily, thinking that she was complimenting herself. She turned around and thought about it, her eyebrows were raised, and she said: “Okay, does this mean that I had poor taste before?”
“Don’t dare! “Wen Liang saw a few more male teachers coming from behind and asked quickly: “No kidding, have you seen the principal?” “The
principal wasn’t here this morning. I heard he was out. How could he be here when something like this happened? School?” Huang Mei looked gloomy and said: “You are such a good person, how can you say that you will be gone if you don’t?”
Wen Liang thought, he was confused, Zhang Yihan must be busy dealing with the inquiries from the superiors, or going out to investigate the case. Progress, what’s the use of staying in school?
“Goodbye, teachers!” Wen Liang waved his hand, and when he turned to leave, he secretly gave Ye Yuting a wink, which made her heart flutter. She rolled her eyes in a charming manner, then laughed loudly and walked away.
Wen Liang found a remote corner and dialed Zhang Yihan’s phone number. After coming over for a while, he heard his serious voice: “Hello, who is this?”
“Principal Zhang, this is Wen Liang.”
There was silence on the other side of the phone . After a moment, Zhang Yihan obviously didn’t expect to receive a call from a student on his mobile phone. He smiled a little and said, “Wen Liang, what’s the matter?”
“Principal Zhang, that’s it.” Wen Liang got straight to the point and talked about the school. The rumors that started circulating in the morning focused on the phrase “leaders are corrupt and accept bribes.” After saying this, he stopped talking. I believe Zhang Yihan, an old fox, will naturally understand what to do.
Sure enough, Zhang Yihan sneered twice and said: “I know, it’s a small matter, it’s nothing important.”
Wen Liang understood and understood that it was none of his business how the school’s senior officials fought for power. Anyway, the purpose of showing goodwill to Zhang Yihan had been achieved, and said: “Principal Zhang, I plan to use the lunch break to hold a student union meeting and ask student cadres to go to each class to prohibit the spread of similar remarks. If anyone is found talking nonsense again, they will be dealt with seriously. What do you think?”
Zhang Yihan praised: “Okay, The student union is supposed to play such a role, so just go ahead and run it, and I will tell Director Hua to help.”
After hanging up the phone, Wen Liang thought about it. Wit