into the rice cooker, plugged it in, and selected “cook porridge.” Then the three of them went out.

into the rice cooker, plugged it in, and selected “cook porridge.” Then the three of them went out.
In order to save time, Wang Bo didn’t plan to walk, so he picked up the BMW’s car key and pressed it. The BMW parked in the open space in front of the apartment instantly made two bird-like chirping sounds. Wang Bo opened the driver’s seat door and got in.
If Zhang Xinyue was just shocked just now, now that she saw Wang Bo getting into a luxury car that was rarely seen on the streets of Shuangqing, Zhang Xinyue was completely shocked. In the past, although she felt that Wang Bo was a celebrity, she was more proud of being an alumnus or even a friend with him, but she did not feel that there was such a big distance between herself and him. We were all in the same school. , lived in the same dormitory, ate in the same cafeteria, attended classes and studied in the same classrooms, and just now she and the other party had two hours of face-to-face self-study in the study room.
/Now, she saw the other party’s luxurious single suite “hidden” deep in the campus. Although she didn’t know how much the other party rented, it was definitely an astronomical sum of money to her. She was poor. She may not be able to exchange for a luxury car in her life. At this moment, Zhang Xinyue suddenly realized that she and the junior student in front of her who were kind, sincere, and approachable, and whom she had always liked, were not from the same world. people! There seems to be no difference between them, the distance is very close and within reach, but in fact, the distance is higher than the sky and deeper than the sea!
We are far apart!
We are in a different world!
“Senior sister, get in the car quickly!” Zhong Jiahui opened the back door and got in first. However, she saw Zhang Xinyue standing under the eaves and did not follow her. She immediately called out and waved to the other party.
“Oh, okay. I’ll get in the car right now.” Zhang Xinyue woke up from the huge shock when Zhong Jiahui shouted, and climbed into the back seat of the BMW cautiously, walking on thin ice.
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/I chopped half a white chopped chicken, half a catty of braised beef, half a catty of braised pork intestines, and half a catty of husband and wife lung slices at the braised vegetable stall in the Martyrs’ Tomb. The three of them went back the same way. Mansion.
On the way back, Zhang Xinyue’s heart was filled with a similar contradictory mood. She wanted to keep the car window closed so that no one could see her; at the s