his jokes, but now was not the time to laugh. He immediately took over the conversation: “Yu Shaoxiong, do you know Wang Yijin?”

his jokes, but now was not the time to laugh. He immediately took over the conversation: “Yu Shaoxiong, do you know Wang Yijin?”
/Not only did they know each other, but their relationship was not close at all.
He couldn’t rely on him. Yu Shaoxiong admitted honestly: “I know him. He used to serve as the secretary of Wanfeng Village Branch and the secretary of Wanfeng Community Branch.” “In
2008, his company was reported to the Municipal Local Taxation Bureau for not paying taxes in accordance with the law for many years. After investigation and verification, it was found that a huge amount of tax had to be paid back, and a fine was imposed. In order to pay less tax, he asked you for help, and in the end he only paid part of the tax. For this reason, he gave you 200,000 in cash in return. This fact makes you Admit it?”
“Admit it.”
“In 2009, the Anbao District Discipline Inspection Commission was preparing to remove Wang Yijin, then secretary of the community party branch and director of the community work station, for illegal construction of the unified building in Wanfeng Community. He asked you for help. You promised to help, and in the name of the street party working committee, you recommended to the district discipline inspection commission that he be downgraded from a severe warning within the party, and he gave him another 200,000 yuan in cash. Is this happening?”
The money was confiscated by the procuratorate. The person who paid the bribe was also caught, and he couldn’t rely on this. Yu Shaoxiong said uneasily: “Yes.” “In
February this year, the district committee and the district government decided to investigate and rectify the ‘Baizhushan’ and “Baizhushan” in the 89th Industrial Zone of Wanfeng Community. There is a serious problem of illegal construction in the Dazhonggang area. Wang Yijin went to your office three times to give you HKD 200,000 in cash so that he would not be held accountable and the illegally constructed buildings in the Baizhushan and Dazhonggang areas would not be demolished. Yuan, 500,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan. You promised to help and accepted the money. Is this true?”
Yu Shaoxiong finished his words and wrung his hands and stopped talking.
Ning Guangting changed the topic: “Wang Yijin is the main member of Wu Chendong’s gang. He used Wu Chendong to ‘solve’ the villagers’ troubles. Most of the small property housing projects in the village were developed in cooperation with Wu Chendong. He even sold the village land to Wu Chendong at a low price. You Accepting bribes from them again and again and opening the door for them, what is this but acting as a protective umbrella for them?” He
/has specialization in the art industry, and when dealing with ordinary criminals, Han Bo can be called their nemesis. But Ning Guangting is obviously more powerful when dealing with corrupt officials like Yu Shaoxiong.
After completely destroying the suspect’s arrogance and his sense of luck, the two handed over the next work to the investigators and walked out of the detention cen