There are also those two purple petals, the lip gloss is charming, I don’t know which color I used.
“Thank you for the gift of nature!”
/As a monk in the integration stage, before embarking on the path of cultivating immortality, Bu Zishi was first a woman.
In this situation, Lu Bei’s sight made her feel deeply uncomfortable. Especially when she heard the words ‘Thank you for the gift’, she felt filled with grief and anger, and was extremely humiliated.
She squeezed her legs together with difficulty, raised her hands to cover the dangerous terrain, and a piece of black clothes fell out of thin air, covering the vast spring light. Only a pair of eyes flickered fiercely, staring at Lu Bei.
“Yes, this is the flavor, keep it up.”
Lu Bei nodded and began to unbutton his belt in front of the pace master.
I thought that my grandma was a witch with a bold and unrestrained lifestyle, and she was a witch with a bold and unrestrained lifestyle.
It’s good to be shy, but shamelessness can overcome shyness. If you fall into his hands, the rest of your life will be decided.
Originally, Lu Bei was still struggling with how to deal with the pace master.
It’s definitely not possible to give him a chance to survive.
A man knows himself well, and he, Lu, has a broad mind, and everything in the dictionary is about burying grudges with a smile, especially the beautiful female monk, who never holds grudges. But cultivating immortals requires understanding one thought, letting people go, not thinking about food and tea, and suppressing evil thoughts sooner or later.
So, it’s not that he doesn’t let go, it’s that he can’t let go.
Unless you add money!
What, are you talking about the magic weapon of Daxia’s ancient characters?
That’s called spoils of war, not ransom.
Killing him directly and burying him on the spot would require the help of the Nine Swords. It was not the right time to be exposed yet, so that was not possible either.
Take it as an experience pack
It can be considered that the basement is spacious enough, and a few more integration periods will not be too much for him.
But the timing is not right. Now Emperor Ji Sect is fighting Tianjian Sect, and Wu Zhou’s main plot is about to start. As a Xuanyin Division Purple Guard, his first choice is to gain experience. While sitting next to Wu Zhou, he must be impartial on the surface. Live in harmony with both sides.
The problem of the century is difficult to solve.
Just when Lu Bei was about to score twice and sell his pacer at a good price, this woman unexpectedly showed shyness.
In this way, the problem is simple.
“伱, what are you doing?!”
Seeing Lu Bei unbuttoning his trousers and complaining about who tied the knot, the pace master was in bad shape. Each generation became more evil than the previous generation. Fox 2 was not a human being, and Fox 4 was not a thing.
“Great Elder, in this hellish place in the wilderness, it’s useless even if you scream at me. What do you think I’m going to do?”
Lu Bei asked in return. Seeing the stepmaster’s fac